Honey granola in calabar

Honey granola is now available in store and pop up 

It costs N300 for 20g and N500 for 70g

Our granola is a mix of nuts, fruits and seeds.

The first version available is

Pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, pineapple,  cashews, cocoa nibs. Flaxseed oil.

Tiger nuts, coconuts, pecans,cashews, hazelnuts , almonds 

Sunflower seeds, black seeds, black puffed rice, cashew nuts, cocoa nibs.

Stop by , pick one or call for delivery 

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Free doctors consultation in calabar

Introducing a free doctors consultation service in calabar.

This service is available on weekdays from 5pm to 6pm only.

Saturdays 12pm to 2pm

Please call to make appointments . Only 5 People will be taken each day in order to offer the best service to you.


Venue is nosam medical laboratory,

Parliamentary road extension

Beside anchor point 


It is completely free but a fee of N100 for record keeping will apply.

Everyone is welcome. Parents with Children are most especially welcome to take advantage of this offer .

Free blood pressure checks and medical advice  as well as any ill oersons who need to see a doctor.

Please don’t stay at home and hide your illness. Regardless of the nature,  mild or major, we will see you and refer you if you need a referral.

Please please please, it’s only N100 to see a doctor don’t die in silence.

The N100 is to keep your records because we may need to call up or refer to them at another time or to refer you and to follow up your treatment. We have partnered with a pharmacy to give drugs you may need at a small discount. 

It doesn’t cost much to live well.

Please see a doctor. 

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Pimples/ acne solutions -face wash to buy 

Despite how much information is out there,  acne /pimples still is a topical subject for many women and some men out there.

Pimples have one major underlying factor and it is bacteria that end up trapped in your facial pores, the little holes on your skin that hair comes out of. 

When bacteria is on your skin as it should be because you are normal,  your skin may produce oil and the oil gets trapped into these pores with the bacteria that were just having a nice quiet life 

The bacteria find themselves in a cozy hole which is covered with oil and it is so lovely for then to start making babies. They increase in number and because the holes or pores are blocked,  they grow and grow and grow. Then they release chemicals that make the body react by inflammation , that’s when you feel the pain and before you know it a zit is out.

It takes about 3 days from a blocked pore to a full acne breakout.

The key to solving acne is solving

1. Excessive oil production which in all honesty you can’t really control because you cant control your your skin. You can only help regulate it.

2. Prevent skin cells from accumulating and increasing chances of blocked pores  by exfoliation and cleansing. 

3. Kill the bacteria

A simple 3 step routine to accomplish this is easily obtainable for anyone who wants to do away with their acne. In life, sometimes keeping it simple works.

I will address the issue of using oil free cleansers and scrubs later.

Steps to pimple treatment –

  • 1. A good face wash. -In this regard, liquid is often better than soap bars. You can spread it around easily and a little will go a long way. The active ingredients are easily dispersed in the liquid and you get better results. Soap bars may be cheaper but of recent I haven’t seen many a soap bar with the key exfoliative ingredient needed for acne which is salicylic acid. This compound needs to be present in your facial wash for you to have any good results from it.  You also need to use a sponge or facial brush to wash your face. It’s really quite easy. Most exfoliating mitts help to take off excess oil and help your gel or soap wash penetrate into skin. Using your hands doesn’t cut it and some people use a towel which will hardly ever dry out completely and will likely wash off your makeup before it gets to really cleaning your face.  Makeup must be taken off completely and not using the face wash which is for treating your Acne.
  • For makeup wearers I always suggest using a light oil to dissolve everything off and then rinse with water before you go onto wash your face with the face wash. If you can afford micellar water, then go ahead and use it . I swear by bioderma sensibio and garnier micellar water is a good addition to that list as well. Coconut oil is a fabulous cleanser and Infact some of its molecules is what is contained in the bioderma water. So keep a bottle on hand, wash your face properly and ensure you take off all the makeup
  • Facial cleansers to swear by , neutrogena pink grapefruit oil free facial scrub
  • Ambi facial cleanser with vitamin c and soy
  • Johnson and Johnson clean and clear facial bar
  • Clean and clear foaming facial acne wash
  • Dr lin acne face wash with Glycolic acid
  • Avon blackhead clearing cleanser 

These all have salicylic or Glycolic acid which is a very important step in eradication of acne.  

I will update this list whenever I find another product which is seriously breakout free and please note that most of the products I have listed here are drugstore products. 

They are cheap and contain active ingredients.  Some expensive brand a would contain the same thing and maybe add a few exotic ingredients here and there to prove their price point. Some are purely plant based and use the really expensive materials to achieve the same purpose of effective facial cleansing 

  • Clarins gentle foaming cleanser with cottonseed oil for combination to oily skin.
  • Origins a perfect world deep cleanser
  • Murad clarifying cleanser for acne and perfect time release acne cleanser
  • Dermatologica clearing skin and face wash for acne

There are tons of brands out there but with acne realise that it is more or less a skin condition which needs targeted treatment to halt it and reverse damage.

So go out today and get yourself a cleanser that will work and that’s your first step to acne free skin. 

Remember to always read labels and it must say salicylic acid,Glycolic acid, or in some mild cases, lactic acid.

Salicylic acid is best for acne skin.

If you have any questions or comments,please drop them below and I will respond  promptly. 

Need help shopping from whatever you find in the stores ? Send me a picture and I will be willing to help.

Don’t forget to share any great cleansers and face washes you have found or have used that have made a difference in your skin.

Next post will be on toners for acne /pimples. 


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Empty reviews series 1

Finally empty. 

From left to right. 

1. Vo5 real clean styling gel with extra hold.I loved this gel so much I used it in bits and I’ve had it for way past its time. I used it on weaves that were curly sprung and on my hair for flyaways. I included this because it might be a great staying option for natural hair. It didn’t leave residue behind and it has some nice hold.  There was also no need to wash it off the hair as well. Main ingredients – water, gelatin and some amino acid polymers then a ton of other ingredients all chemical names. If it were now I wouldn’t buy this because it has way too many chemical names in the ingredient list but guess what?  It’s paraben  free.

Available on amazon.com for $7 .. I bought mine in a local store in calabar. One store I usually visit called jewels at shoprite plaza on mcc road. I have discovered a lot of items there from baking pans and trays to planter pots and cheap dustbin baskets I use as planters. It’s a really nice store and I appreciate the owner for consistently sticking to her product range over the years. 

2  naturally thinking sunflower oil

I was running  through this oil pretty fast because of its silky smooth and easily absorbable texture. I had to keep some and take it slowly.  I love oils that are rich in vitamin e especially because my skin needs all the softness it can get because it’s dry.I added some of this to the bath and body works lotion and that brought it up to the consistency I liked  

Naturally thinking is my foolproof go to for organic oils. It’s a bit pricey but you know you are buying the real deal, ethically sourced. This is the brand stocked at skinplusng and we also stock natural nigerian another brand that is homegrown and close to the heart. 

3. HeB  vitamin E oil

I bought this from Heb.  A retail chain that I think has its roots some where in Mexico and texas. You would hardly find heb stores outside the west of the usa. They put a lot of effort into their own brand products and I love this about them. I’ve taken their pills and their vitamins and I must say I haven’t noticed any cheapness about the brand.This oil is made so pure it can be ingested but my skin desired it more. I also added this to my recent batch of homemade butters for sale in the shop.

Vitamin E is so good for the skin. It’s pretty easy to find pure oils too. Wheatgerm oil has high vitamin e levels. 

4. BATH and body work cashmere glow lotion.

I didn’t like this at first because of the consistency but I bought it for the fragrance. I will tell you here that when it comes to this organic business I am stuck on it for products I retail these days and I am doing my best to source those. It gives a lot of confidence to walk into a shop and know that you aren’t killing yourself with the purchases you will make.

However , it’s a long road. Until then; I’m still using some of this stuff but thankfully; this doesn’t have parabens and formaldehyde but it does have imidazolyn urea. I used it anyway and I liked it a bit .. However I do make say a naturally whipped butter makes a better rub any day.  
Those are 4 of my finally empty products and I have a lot more to go through. 

Some have been reviewed here before and some are new products but I am going to ty my best to share everything.

We have a post on acne coming up this week. 

Do you have a favourite hair styling product ? Especially made in nigeria ? 

Please share. 

I would also love to know what natural oils you think your skin loves best.

I may have a surprise for your answers. 

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Another shoptomydoor wahala

At this point I’m just wondering how I got to trust a business like this with my property.

I cannot even start with the continuous emailing that goes on with them.

It’s either I ship too many items when they don’t even handle my business needs as I have a cargo company I use for my business or I am just too demanding.

I need suggestions.

Am I such a demanding person ?

My warehouse is mixed up 

Dollar shave club delivery in sephora slot 

Staff arguing with me that dollar shave is sephora like they cannot read. When my sephora.com order finally shipped they said oh, sorry.

They have broken my items and claimed now that it is customs and please help me read this.

I have been asking them for two weeks where is my order.

This is the reply.

I have coffee there. 

They are asking if I want the broken items or a replacement. 

decide what to do.