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Netflix Nigeria Review

This is going to be short and straightforward.
Netflix is a movie and series subscription service that charges a stipend per month for all you can watch.
Netflix had previously been unavailable in Nigeria but I got to know last week that one could sign up and use Netflix in  Nigeria.
Much like the advancement of paypal into our economic system, Netflix brought some joy. ( for me that is)
I’m more into series than movies so I found this an exciting prospect.
What’s the next thing that happened ?
I signed up for a free trial.
Entered payment details and proceeded to gain access.
My first shocker was the relatively limited library available unlike the regular Netflix for the usa.
Some ongoing series have been carefully omitted.
I could barely find anything to watch.
I’m wondering is this what I will pay for ?
I’m not against paying for music and movies because it costs money to make them and somehow that money must filter back to the artists.
I am however very unhappy at how nigeria is recurrently treated.
What could be the possible explanation for this ?
The series available are old and ended just about 2 to 3 years ago.
Movies from 2011 in 2016 ?
Thankfully, it is a trial and I don’t think I will wait until the end of the trial to cancel. is a far better source of entertainment if you ask me.
One word of advice to whoever is behind Netflix in Nigeria.
We are not dumb. We are certainly more advanced than this.
The least you could do to entice us was to add current drama series on there.
Let’s add Internet subscription costs in nigeria, it doesn’t make for any wisdom to subscribe considering that the content is subpar.
Netflix usa has so much content. Movies, drama series, documentaries, you never find yourself looking for something to watch.
Netflix could have at least made up for the operating conditions in nigeria by putting thought into content.
How many nigerian watch Indian movies ?
There are at least 10 Indian movies on our site.
If it were the series, I would understand but remember that zee world has voice over and painstakingly translated those series we watch on dstv for us
They are making their money well enough for that.
Netflix has to think outside the box if they are expanding here in sincerity.
For now,
If you are still interested in checking it out yourself ,
So long as you are in nigeria or using a nigerian IP, you will be signed into the nigerian site.
As for me , I’m DONE!!
We will talk about how paypal has not helped us next.

Update on Netflix –

I have it on good authority after discussing with them when my trial ended that in the near future we will have all the movies we want on Netflix because the previous contracts they had were for regional screening in certain areas of the world and they are currently working on having more content in all the stores integrating it into one big library of movies, drama series and documentaries.

You may want to rethink putting thay subscription back on.

I will too in the near future.

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