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Zamoux cosmetics matte lipstick review

I must start this by saying I now love lipstick.


In life, never say never.
I was contacted by otuawan uyouko who is a distributor for zamoux cosmetics in our region, to have a look at their lipsticks.
My first impression was of a well though out brand that put a lot in deciphering what exactly was needed in a soon overcrowded market.

The swatches I did put up on instagram for skinplusng and on my personal page.

Zamoux lipstick swatches

These are the reds and a little pink.
You can see orange undertones, pink undertones and that spot of ruby woo looking one.

Zamoux lipstick nudes

The nudes so much of a choice to be made.
Eventually I was given the one I loved best to try on.
Now you will forgive me because I have not so glamourous pictures here but please girls, how many times do you do a full face just to play with lipstick ?
I put it on at work and spent the night in it.


The first wear


After eating a sandwich at church the next day


Five hours after church  making a total of ten hours wear.
Do I need to say anything else about this brands lipstick ?
It stayssss on , survives food, talking, hot drinks, cold drinks. Fried plantain and stew,
Trust me I did eat that sunday.
It doesnt overdry my lips and once it goes on, the pigment is rich enough to define your lips but not so much as to make you look plastic.
I love it and I think for N3500 this is absolutely absolutely great quality.
You bet I will be buying the ruby woo look alike soon.
I couldn’t wait to share the news of this find and I am wearing this lipstick every single day and it stays on until close of work. Now I understand how a swipe of lipstick can change your entire look.
I cant wait to get a workable red.

Contact otuawan 0703 046 0078 to buy zamoux cosmetics lipstick in nigeria and in calabar.

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New st. Ives pink mandarin scrub review

I saw this scrub online about november. There wasnt much ado about it along with the even and bright but they just appeared.
I havent used the even and bright body wash yet although we did have it in stock in store but I have used this one

What are my thought ?
Lovely. Same old.
Brighter picture more attractive than other st.ives scrubs but I must commend their rebranding
Comes in a tube which to me is the neatest way to keep skincare products.

Product itself is a grainy – tiny grains and its like the plan IS to achieve micro dermabrasion with this one.
The product is non oily and disperses well even without water.
It controls acne well and I must say I found it very effective despite the fact that it doesnt have any acne medication and contains glycerin.
Amazing right ?
Glycerin doesnt work out well on my skin.
This is a lovely scrub and a perfect alternative for mechanical micro dermabrasion.

Love it.
But will not repurchase.
Why ?
It got in my eye and took an entire day to come out.
Just one tiny grain and I almost had a corneal ulceration.
Ive been keeping it away from my eye since then and waiting to exhaust it.



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product reviews

Beauty resolutions- Happy new year

So I lost my wallet on the 24th and found it on the 31st.
It was a bad week. This is why I didnt say merry Christmas to you all.
Without my cards, I was incapacitated.
I couldn’t buy anything.
I couldn’t shop I couldnt ship
Dear God.
I found the wallet but I had blocked all the cards.
Still I am grateful for that one miracle.
I gained and lost a lot in the past year and I believe strongly that all losses ended with finding my wallet.
I know that God is faithful.
Despite how sadly my 2015 came to an end and the tears I cried, I trust God that 2016 will be a very good year.
I dusted off my lazy self and made a promise.

Despite the fact that I still dont want people to see my face akin to bbm profile pictures and whatsapp profile pictures and instagram because I really am a shy person and I dont like people seeing me, I decided to ensure I will be wearing makeup every day of 2016.

2016 is the year of me, myself and I.
The year of my perfection
I will not leave this year empty.
I will be heavy with all the good things a person can be heavy with.
I plan to do a retouch on my hair only twice this year.  In june and in december unless of course, something big happens.
I deep conditioned yesterday and washed and I am loving the results of my 23rd december retouch.
My hair can now successfully airdry and be packed in a bun to the salon. Before now when it was texlaxed, it took a ton of products to get me to leave the house looking sane.
Goodbye texlaxing.

My skin.
I decided to take very good care of myself.
I slowly reintroduced an exfoliating sponge into my bath time after years of none and it is working. We are not itching madly. 3days down today.
I am also going to start using alpha hydroxy lotion for my legs because the lines are icking me and despite all the moisture I need aome chemical exfoliation.  Same for my hands. Such demanding skin.
I already have some serum on the way to help with that.  Hyaluronic acid and vitamin c
face because skin is not face
My face is on break from acne now.
Wow. And praise God.
Current routine is
Clarins cottonseed cleanser for oily combination skin and then clearasil pads with 1% salicylic acid.
Benzoyl peroxide or effaclar duo plus depending on how I feel and I have been using ahava dead sea concentrate serum at night all over my face and around my eyes. Loves it.
clothes and shoes and vanities
I am not a biggie for clothes and shoes and this year I just plan to keep my old clothes and wear them. Hahaha.
I do need a pair of pink shoes though and I will invest in one.
I dont have my eye on anything special.
Thankfully I found my wallet so that extra budget is off.

Ah. I love gold.
I hope to buy some of that this year.
Been a while I invested in some gold.
I need earings.
I need a watch because I am tired of wearing hand me downs from brother and father.

My career
I hope to pass my fellowship part 1 this year. It has been a struggle for me so much that I almost lost my passion for work.
I am being real here so this is just the truth.

Samsie skinplus

This is me the confessor. I just had my hair done today. Slept all through it.
I’m wearing vichy dermablend setting powder only and did my brows a bit with sleek eyebrow pencil.  I’m wearing kajal. Can you see it ? This to me, is makeup guys.  My brother says my face is oily.
I promise to put up pictures of myself when I am looking fine. (Only)
Happy new year

What are your plans ? Share!!!! I want to hear.