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Boots botanics invigorating face scrub-shine away review


Such an extensive name.
I am yet to fully understand the need to qualify skincare products with such long names.
However, I do understand that sometimes a client needs to know exactly what they are getting up front.

The kew gardens collaborates with boots the english home grown pharmacy to introduce botanical plant extracts in a range of their products aptly christened ‘botanics’

Fresh, dewy and almost reminiscent of french skincare, the botanics line is soft and caring.
This scrub is part of the range for oily to combination skin and it comes jn a 75ml tube which is a teeny tiny quantity compared to the price at about £5.99
However, one doesnt begrudge the size as a little goes a long way.
Little grains suspended in a jelly like wash substance.
Unfortunately this had finished before I decided to post a review.
I should have taken a picture of the scrub product itself.

My thoughts
As a refresher and indulgent skincare experience this scrub delivers.
Did it reduce shine ? Maybe for a few hours.
Did it keep spots and breakouts at bay ? No.
Did it cause more breakouts ? No
Did it make my forehead glow ?
Oh yes, yes, yes.
I actually miss that effect
Many atimes I had taken a picture sans makeup and that glow was just glowing me up.
If you know what I mean.
With willow bark extract which a natural form of salicylic acid I must commend boots for staying natural with this. It makes it a milder formulation.
There is some alcohol and then some glycerin which I finger as the reason why it didnt control breakouts adequately.

This is just me.
For someone who had dry skin, this may be a tad too much.
For combination skin, perfect.
For acne prone skin I dont think so.
I am all about banishing my acne and this forms the reason why I will make the following conclusion. Because it didnt help in that pursuit so much as my holy grail scrub does.
Dont get me wrong. I love this scrub but no, I will not be using it again unless of course it is on sale and I want to glow.

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Homemade henna hair mask

Hi everyone.

I decided to share my little henna miracle with you all.
It started with a palm oil experiment.
I put 5mls of palm oil in some shea butter and heated it in the microwave
Then I moved it into a pot and heated it on fire
Then I put it back in the microwave
It became quite thin.
I used this to deep condition my hair in addition to my clairol hair food.
It felt really nice .my hair was so soft but still breaking.
The next week I discovered my henna stashed somewhere
I had emptied out my naturvital henna hair mask so I was without.
I then mixed three spoons of henna into the left over mixture of palm oil and shea butter which I had heated up.
I spread this on a put on a cap then left it for an hour
After washing and conditioning with herbal essences hello hydration and keracare humecto cream conditioner the breakage stopped big time.
I went to the salon, had a blow dry if the remaining half dried hair and flat ironed the parts I left out in my hair do.
That hair didnt frizz for one week .
I just took the weave out and had a wash and breakage damage is about 5strands.
I am excited because I am so tired of the breakage right now.
This hair falling off is the hair that was relaexed by cantu relaxer.
I am desperatedly growing all that damage out.
I assure you that the relaxer was a disaster and one year on I am still fighting for my hair.
initially I had kind words to say but now I am not mincing them.

Happy weekend all.

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olay active botanicals toner mini review

OLAY has a new line of products out on the market and it is a range of skincare called active botanicalsimage

what’s interesting about this line is the inclusion of deeply researched materials into your regular skincare products

at the heart of these products is snow mushroom a japanese herbal that is found to hold more moisture than water by up to 4 times. this produces more moisture and higher hydration levels when used.

a gel cleanser, a toner, a day cream and a night cream.

i used the toner. i got a 15ml size. the original size is 150mls and costs about $14.99 minus tax.

unfortunately, this product contains parabens which means if you are going natural, you will want to avoid it.

i say this first so you can stop reading the review here.

the toner came in a target box and was earmarked to be given away to a friend i knew would like it but it didn’t make the journey so i started using it at work.

the first day i used two cotton pads.

note that i am currently using alba botanica acne dote toner which i am yet to review but that contains some alcohol so i was taken aback as my skin has somewhat gotten used to the feel of that toner.

this was soft and the two pads i used were filled with a whole lot of scary dirt.

i had pre washed my face with – wait for it — morning fresh- dish washer soap and used dr, brandt microexfoliant  afterwards.

wait, i was at work what’s the biggie ?

after using this repeatedly on alternate days at work i can confidently say i am sold by the effectiveness of this toner.

time was when i complained bitterly over the paucity of facial toners to use that were as effective as my beloved clearasil pads but now i find the competition increasingly acute.

it didn’t break me out or irritate my skin. it reduced my acne breakouts which seemed to increase after work shifts.

for these reasons i think this is a beautiful piece of work without alcohol. well done olay!!!

i loved this toner and here are the ingredients-

*Snow Mushroom Extract

available at target and for now

if you want it, let me know.

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Vasanti brighten up enzymatic face rejuvenator review

Long names in the beauty industry.
This is a mini review.
Mini because I used 20g size of this product but that quantity for me is sufficient enough to determine if

1. I like it
2 . ingredients
3. Does it cause breakouts or irritate skin
4. Does it do what it claims to
5. Will I repurchase it

Vasanti says

Brighten Up! – Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator – Travel Size (20 g)

Powerful Scrub Brightens, Exfoliates and Cleanses Gently with Instant Results for Soft, Smooth and Radiant Skin – Enriched with Papaya, Professional Microcrystals and Aloe

INSTANT RESULTS – Bright beauty with a smooth, soft radiance you’re going to notice right away.

Triple action power – it’s brightening, exfoliating, and cleansing with real results. No one will know it’s not professional microdermabrasion!

Great for men and women (even those with sensitive skin!)

Vasanti’s #1 online seller

Helping skin concerns such as: fine lines, wrinkles, scaring, dulling skin and large pores – it’s the skin miracle you’ve been searching for!

Perfect for travel

Made in Canada. 99% Natural, 100% Paraben-free, 100% Vegan

A tiny 20g as I have costs about cad $10
You can see its formulated to be as natural as possible.
Love that this has papaya enzymes which I know to be one of the best exfoliants.
I got this in a beauty subscription box and all I can say is that it really works.

This is a product that will make you glow for all those who seek the luminousity if the sun, this is your baby boo right here

I used it as an adjunct to my regular routine and I didnt notice any irritation or breakouts while it lasted.

This is a lovely product and although it is expensive it is worth every cent.
The answer to my 5 questions above is all yes but to number 5, I will add if I can afford it in a bigger jar, why not ?

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frankincense and myrrh essential oils in store- calabar

A few months ago someone called me about these two oils and i didn’t remember to get them in store until recently.

Both oils are especially known as part of the gifts the three wise men gave to our Lord Jesus at his birth.

what you may not know however is the skin regenerating properties of these oils.

for skin that has been burned from lightening creams and sun damage as well as aging skin, both oils help to balance out the skin and promote healing.

There are so many essential oils available for us to use and choose from and we have to be careful when using them. the best way if you can is to buy and include in your skincare as often as you would need.

For this also, it helps to buy blends- pre mixed oils that have been put together based on their properties and the objective to be achieved. I prefer blends which is why we offer a selection of free blends for hair when you buy castor oil from us (when we have stock)

i have a quick growing collection of oils and i am excited at the possibilities.

think of making your own natural body oil free of preservatives.

i have been using my own blends for while now and i must say it does help.

All said and done, both oils- frankincense and myrrh are available at 2500 naira for 10ml bottles in the store at skinplus calabar, or you can always call , add us on bbm pin- skinplus and send a whatsapp message.. whatever pops your shutter.