Bioderma sensibio eau miscelle

I cant get enough of this miscellar water
This is the softest sweetest thing you could use on your skin people. (For now)

So I was on my regular trolling account on instgram, the one where I get to make comments everywhere without people thinking ‘whats wrong with her ‘ and I regularly chip in tafia on carolinehirons posts from that account.
A lot of her followers are on the pixi glow train and I tell you with good effect.
Acid exfoliation can take years off your skin and lines.
So, someone mentioned retinol today and that was how it started.
I remembered I had retinol which I had been judiciously using once upon a time so I went in search of it.
3baskets later, I found it.

Now, my routine sometimes consists of wash face and bath, jump into bed.
This is why I fret about face wash a lot and can do anything for neutrogena pink grapefruit scrub.
Because you cannot use retinol after salicylic acid or glycolic acid for up to an hour, I had to use a different toner for my face.
I don’t like the smell.of witch hazel, I think it doesnt work too so I spotted this bioderma on the table and I’m like thats true, I once used this as toner post face wash.
Ideally, miscellar water is meant to be used pre face wash.. to take makeup off because good girls use two different makeup removal methods.
In my case, it’s hardly ever makeup.
Just pollution from the day.
This was the result post face wash

I am pretty impressed.
Its not as much stuff or gunk as I would get from my regular toners now which are the proactiv refreshing toner that is 5% glycolic acid or alba botanica which is 2% salicylic but it is better than the oriflame oily skin toner I reviewed a while back.image

I think this gives me another reason to shop myself some bioderma from my store when this bottle finishes.

Note that the miscellar water for oily skin which is green packaging is not as good as this I did try them both and this won hands down. This is for sensitive skin.
Now I can use a toner and I dont  have to wait an hour before using retinol. Woohoo. Goodbye aging.
Bioderma sensibio miscellaire is available in nigeria at skinplusng and we have 100mls on sale now for N1000.
You like ? I like!
What toners are you currently into ? I would love to hear and try.


Part II: Retinol Metabolism Cont'd; Retinol Degradation and Strength; Combination Use of (Hydroxy) Acids and Retinol

I’m reblogging this post so you can tell where the extract below is from. If you are interested in reading the rest of it. I have known for a while that to get the best out of your acids and retinol on your skin you need to give your skin time after using acids for absorption and then apply retinol when the skins ph may have regulated back. In timenpast, retinol didnt work for me and here is why .

As I mentioned above, the pH concern isn’t about allowing retinol to function, but allowing the skin to optimally convert it to tretinoin. When a correctly formulated hydroxy acid or L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) product is applied to the skin, the skin is saturated with the product, and the pH (of the skin) is temporarily lowered to something close to that of the product. Glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid, requires an approximate pH of <4.0 to exfoliate and penetrate the skin, while L-ascorbic acid requires a pH of <3.5. Therefore, because the pH necessary for the skin to optimally convert retinol into tretinoin is far more neutral than that, they shouldn’t be used together. Not to mention that, while pH doesn’t affect retinol all that much, it does affect hydroxy acids and vitamin-C. So if used together, the retinol won’t be optimally converted to tretinoin, and the hydroxy acid or vitamin C may not even work much at all! Talk about a “lose-lose” scenario!

Now, it’s important to note (like I said in Part I), that the pH range of 5.0-6.0 was estimated and is only required for the enzymes to convert OPTIMALLY. Since no studies have been done to compare how well the skin converts retinol to tretinoin across various pH values, right now it’s really just a “better-safe-than-sorry” attitude that I make this recommendation.

Also, keep in mind that when I say “used together” I mean like both products (retinol + acidic) are applied one after the other, with no significant wait time in between, or if they’re in the same formulation. I don’t mean that they can’t be used in the same routine. And once again, because no study has been done to see how quickly the skin homeostatically returns to its normal pH when a topical product of a different pH is applied (probably because there are too many factors that are difficult to control and can drastically alter results such as: vehicle occlusion, amount of product applied, and every individuals’ skin pH, etc…), it’s still a “better-safe-than-sorry” approach and recommendation: to apply them on different days. However, if you feel like you MUST use acid products with retinol ones at the same time, wait at least one hour between applications, just to allow for the adequate re-alignment of the skin’s natural pH, and the optimal conversion of retinol to tretinoin.

Why should you wait after using salicylic or glycolic acids before using retinol -specifically ? This answers
Wait 30mins to 1 hour or if you can’t, don’t use an acid toner.


Bliss steep clean mattifying pads- review


Another lovely brand.
I have tried their pepper wash and body butter I bought in a set from asos three years ago.
I also used their face wash
When I found these pads at marshalls going at a giveaway price, I didnt think and didn’t drop.
How.often do you get two exfoliative acids in one jar ?
So I bought and took it home.
Started using it same night after I put up a picture on my instagram here

I started using them immediately and what do I think ?
1. It cleans yes.
2. It doesnt however prevent breakouts
3. It is more for chemical exfoliation for glowy skin
4. It is a good substitute fornpixi glow tonic by petra

Now I havent tried pixi but by substitute I mean price wise.
It didnt stop my breakouts, I think it doesnt really clean that deeply and secondly when you have two classes of acids in one jar you have to be careful that they are both operating at their maximum or optimal ph.
One may argue with this but considering I have used clearasil pads for a long time with good results, this left a lot more desired in that regard.

Will I buy bliss pads again ?
Do I think I should keep this in stock or go out of my way to stock it ?


St. Ives arpicot scrub review

I’m back blogging!
It’s obvious by now.

Unfortunately I am not promising so many posts as before.
Things are dragging on and with the year coming along to an end, it would be completely unfair to keep the reviews and posts piling up.

I review a common product found on many beauty shelves and in bathroom today.
St. Ives is a brand almost as old as time. Time meaning my time.
I have used a wide range of their products and most of us probably went through the rebranding and packaging with them.

This scrub is an old reliable.
It is a fall back from whenever any product I’m using is exhausted
Another similar scrub is the eden brand.
This scrub is Available for 990 at shoprite ibadan, abuja and lagos.
Also can be found in most beauty shops for 1500.
There are two variations of this scrub I know.

One has 2% salicylic acid

and is called a blemish control scrub.
The other is this one
The tube sizes have almost three or four variations.
I wish I had pictures to show the difference.
It’s not organic or natural but the smell is subtle and it quite does the job.
If you are looking for an affordable scrub to last you a bit of time in the bathroom, I recommend this st.ives apricot scrub.
We dont have this at skinplus right now but expecting it in soon.
Unfortunately I cannot find the pictures I took of this scrub
I have a backlog of pictures I took during my blogging hiatus and I just hope when I settle down I can find them
But I hope descriptively I have been able to point you in the direction of a pocket friendly body and face scrub.
Do check out shoprite and other stores mentioned for it.
I shall be writing up a review of another scrub soon.
Pictures from st.ives.


Lush cosmetics haul and review

Lush cosmetics is a mostly natural brand headquartered in the united kingdom.
I have for ages longed to try some of their stuff.
From the bath bombs ( sorry, I dont use my bath for lounging ) to the body lotions and the scrubs and soaps,
everything is natural as can be.
They also smell nice too. Very very nice.
Did you know that most natural smells are not overpowering and they are more subtle and easy on the nose ?
On the contrary,  synthetic fragrances always smell stronger and are more irritating the nose.
This is why more expensive perfumes that incorporate natural oils are, wait for it.  _ more expensive.

So back to lush,
I went in their store at a time when I was riddled with acne breakouts and spots but mostly spots.
I had tried a new face product that left me speechless at its acne forming capabilities.
It turned my skin around, for worse.
I was almost confused when asked what exactly I wanted to buy.
Everything looked like I wanted it.
Eventually I asked for a scrub and something for my acne ..
I already knew about the ocean salt thanks to beautylocale on instagram  because its one of her fave and I said to try that.
They did try it out on me.
Washed off and applied moisturiser.
I loved the feel of my skin.

Here I added skme red clay to scrub with

Ocean salt is pictured above , I’ve kept it way past its best by date but it still works. I love how grainy it is for my body but quickly melts into a thick lotion like consistency.
I use this on my cellulite pockets, once on my face but I didnt like that.
It doesnt have a peculiar smell.. i guess its a sea like smell but I dont know what the sea smells like.. I apologise.
Its coloured like the ocean and the colour isnt fully dispersed throughout the product ( you get right)

I also got charcoal soap which washed my face off amazingly well.
I loved it .. perfect for my oily skin.
I bought about 100g for  $5.. not sure
Not pictured

Then I got the sultana soap.


Who remembers eating sultana bread ?
Well, this is a luscious creamy bar of soap with raisins in it and bits of fruit.
Fortunately lush isnt big on individual packaging thus, saving a lot of paper and the environment.
Unfortunately I would have told the exact ingredients but now I don’t know because they are all wrapped in one custom greaseproof paper.

The little pot there is a sample of their chlorophyll from alfalfa, nettle and rosemary  wash called lush  herbalism which controls oil and helps acne acne prone skin.. its a powder which is green and used to cleanse the face.


My brother got a sample the day we visited and I didn’t.
However, I happened to be passing by a lush store at deira city centre in dubai shortly afterwards and went in to ask for a sample.  It did my brother good and it is quite a refreshing wash.
I must say that these products are not irritating at all to skin.
I also must commend lush as a company at their amazing customer care.
Not a complaint about their almost effusive and welcoming staff both in the store I visited at first colony mall suagrland and at deira city centre.

A lot to learn from there.
A number of people are making natural body products here in nigeria.
I have tried mint organic care and comparatively find the quality to be as good.
I think if you are looking to have that natural indulgent experience you can look out for our nigerian vendors.
From instagram,  ilam skincare, ajali and mint organic care readily come to mind.
I will write up a proper review of the mint care buy.
Considering my interests are so many, you bet I am gathering materials to experiment with soap.
I did re batch the sultana soap with some of my old melt and pour experiment soap as well as a soap girl lavender soap and result was amazing.  It worked because all soaps involve were pure soaps.
So there’s my lush cosmetics haul.
Buy at lush


new post.. Playing with my Samsung galaxy tablet 2

I’m trying out my new text to speech on my samsung galaxy tablet 2 which is a very old tablet and I just want to see how it’s going to function using this if it works then it means that I can blog this quickly as possible I can put up my post because easier its to talk than to type.
so far it’s worked out well in this age of technology and everything that’s amazing.
a little history about my samsung tablet. I bought it in the  year 2012. I think we’re on 2015 right now shortly after I bought it from slots when that he had a problem with the screen lock we were still within the one year warranty. So i had it sent back to the store It went  away for a month they fixed it it came back and still having a few issues but all around it functions.
A simple tablet this old is 3 years can  function properly with the right software so that means I’m probably going to be blogging a little bit more and then I’ll just see everything the mistakes Come up like the little typos and everything I actually should think of putting off of youtube channel cuz I think like talking is more my thing although I I don’t know what I’m going to be talking about on the YouTube channel maybe just holding up like the products I want to review.

all of this has been typed using Google text to speech on my samsung sorry not Google it’s the Samsung text to speech

tell me what’s life if you can’t have fun play a little bit funny and do funny things I’m going to upload this post exactly the way it is.

I have made a few alterations because that certain phrases that didn’t come out right but so far so good I think I’m pleased with the outcome.

you can pretty much tell that I like playing.

Love and shopping


Looking for castor oil in calabar


The first time I bought jamaican black castor oil in calabar, it was at a boutique/shop owned by a church mummy.
There was one solitary bottle but I had seen a lot about it from back when akuawood of sheabutter cottage used to sell tropic isle brand.. she still does but not as much as before.

I didnt like black castor oil and It took a lot of cajoling for me to try it out.
I am still amazed at the results I see on people who have bought and used it judiciously.
Castor oil grows hair and it is amazing at it.

We have 4oz bottles of tropic isle black jamaican castor oil in store at skinplusng calabar.
A bottle costs 2300naira.
I also make custom mixes if essential oils to add to your jbco .
There’s full bottles if essential oils if you prefer to do your mixology yourself and bottles are available.

You can call to order, add us in bbm skinplus is our custom pin
Whatsapp 08036345531


Feelunique.com discount code

Here is 15% off feelunique.com
FEEL UNIQUE is a site that offers the best in beauty products.
Practically everything you could want is on the site.
They don’t ship to Nigeria unfortunately and I have also lost faith in our shipping system.
Nipost has lost the glory it tried to resurrect.
So many orders missing and never delivered.
If you have a shipping address, you can make use of this.
You can contact dkfreight@yahoo.co.uk for more information on consolidation and frieght forwarding
Also try shoptomydoor but be ready to send countless emails because up until the point when they actually ship your items, something always goes wrong.
My review on them will be up soon.


Freebies at skinplus calabar

Hello people,
Just thought to drop a note about some of the items which we have had up for giveaway to anyone who wants them

1. Blue house of tara eyeliner pencil in adire

2. Olay eye firming gel

3. Avon anew face wash 50mls

4. Olay face brush (pre.owned)

5. Avon anew face cream 15ml pots x 2

6. Hydroquinone + retinol cream – liquid same formulation as obagi

7. Oriflame toner

There are no rules.
If you want any of these items just stop by the shop and say you want to pick up a free item and get it.
If you will pay for shipping outaide calabar, we will gladly send to you.