In memory of my beloved izzy

Somehow one must express how they feel.
People grieve in different ways.
I will write this and leave it here.
Because now the memories are for everyone even though I hold them dear.

The first time I remember i met my cousin I was about five.we had met before but that was my first memory.
One Christmas at staff quarters in uniben.
The next time she was old enough to greet and we called her ‘uncle laide’ for a number of years.
She had a stylish way of greeting my dad which we found Intriguing.
The years went by and we would play together when we went on holidays and we were taken to visit.

When I started university izzy and I lived together for three years. Then we became more than cousins.
We became friends and then sisters.

Izzy loved to share.. and to give.
She was always happy and outgoing.
There was never a dull moment with her..
I remember when we were robbed in bdpa.
She was so bold. She told the robbers we had one silver piece of jewellery and ‘I share it with my sister’ and said to me we cant give them all our things.
So we gave it to them along with some money, then crouched under the bed until help came.
I remember her little blue golf which she insisted we must take turns driving to ugbor and back from school to pack all my aunt’s eggs.
In the three years we lived together at school , I got to know a sister who was actually a cousin that would do anything for a loved one.
We would crawl under the gate, jump the fence and go visiting our friends next door only to be walked back through the gate to the surprise of our big cousin who housed us and  threatened to report us ..
we kept our reading table by the fence and used it to transport ourselves next door to play.

We were still children even if we were university students.
Izzy would do school run for me lol.
Wait for me to finish lectures so we could go to toseton together or go disturb her dad at work.
We were like twins.
I remember lola her friend and tracy her cousin from her dads side.
It was always a full house when we moved to quarters. We would struggle when I wanted to play’ the beatles ‘all day and bore everyone to pieces.
My sister was friendly and friendly and friendly.
Long after school ended and work began, we still chatted about how we were going to play and go out when next we saw each other.
I never had to take clothes to ugbor for the weekend. If I didnt wear izzys clothes she wouldn’t be happy.
‘You are my sister, wear this dress nau’
The pink little tops aunty deedee bought we had together. The black shiny camisole too. I wore it today. I kept it through all these years. Somehow it never got thrown out and it reminds me all the time of those days.
Always looking for something that would fit me.
My pink belt we took turns wearing.
who knew who had what. We just wore them all.

Even when we went to asaba for our cousins wedding during our nysc year,I wore her dress and her necklace and we took blurry selfies at the back of the car.


If you ever needed someone to defend you, she was that person.
I will always remember your voice saying bodly ‘my sister, my sister’ to everyone and anyone who cared to know we were sisters.

I will miss you izzy.
It still feels so unreal.
What is this life?
What is it all about ?

Rest peacefully Iziegboruwa Izzy Anyaru, sister, cousin, friend, daughter. sleep on.
It hurts so badly.
For we can never understand why these things happen but you are always in my heart.
To me, you are not dead.
Some people don’t die and you are one of them.
The tears keep falling…
Forever in my heart my sister.

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Caudalie polyphenols detailed review

A review of the caudalie polyphenols first three products.
Caudalie is an organic skin care line.
The polyphenols are based on grape seed extract and stabikised vitamin c with hyaluronic acid which helps to plump skin up.
There-s an oil out now in the range so thats why I say first three.

I had posted the little box from latest in beauty which I think may still be available on their site.
The box came with two little cute teabags of jasmine tea and dragon tea .

I tried thepolyphenol c15 anti wrinkle eye and lip cream1 first.
From caudalie a message…
This gel cream treats the first signs of aging , reducing dark circles , puffiness, instantly smoothes

This cream is for both day and night use although there is an spf anti wrinkle fluid.
It is a soft mildly-almost unscented option with out parabens as all caudalie products are.
I used this around my eyes on crows feet area and around my lip area.
Before starting this cream I had a few lines I complained about which were looking quite bad when i smiled.
I noticed a remarkable improvement.
Save for the occasional breakout near my eye area when the cream extendes it’s boundaries I have no complaints with this.
I however do not recommend for someone who is out to treat serious lines.
This is great for dark circles too especially if you are not in a hurry.
I did notice some changes in that regard.
Not like I had any but it pushes away the beginnings of what looked like it.
I love this cream and it is now one of my staples for moisturising the eye area.

spf 20 anti wrinkle protect spf fluid
Caudalie says this oil free fluid is extra light on the skin leaving your face rehydrated, smoother filled out and ready to take on the day.
To be used in the mornings after the serum applied to face and neck.
This is a smooth sunscreen that also comes as a 15mls tube.

I love that you can use this on your face and not break out.
This says so much for organic products.
It doesnt leave a filmy white residue that needs to be rubbed into skin as some sunscreen fluid are wont to.
It is a great great spf for oily breakout prone skin.
It is also suitable for sensitive skin.
No harsh ingredients In this one.

anti wrinkle fluid serum
This was the only product I had problems with.

Caudalie says …
With the highest concentration of active ingredients in the range, this youth concentrate protects the skin from environmental factors leaving the skin flawless and radiant.
Uses morning and evening on face and neck.

In retrospect it was because my skin is yet to be suited for heavy serum concentrate as this.
Even though it comes off the dropper as a light fluid.
It is heavy in grape extract and has a lot of vitamins.
I gave this to my mum after it broke me out and it changed her skin.
I could see increased luminosity and you could just tell the skin was eating well.
It is a great detox and give good clarity.
I cpuld add a few words for hyperpigmentation here but lets just stick to helping dull skin along.

considering I thought this could become a staple serum, I was so wrong. I need something more suited for my oily younger skin type.


Oriflame optimals oily skin toner review

Oriflame being in nigeria is old news.
I got this toner last year and started using it this year.

Before I start this review I must say something for the quality of oriflame cosmetics.
I havent seen much of swedish skin care before oriflame but I have made an observation which qualifies them to sit with avon and paulas choice on my ‘no nonsense skincare brand list’
Every single thing oriflame sells has an important active around which the product is built and has a natural extract.
You cant complain that you are giving your skin bad that’s why im proud to be a beauty manager with oriflame.

The oily skin toner i’m reviewing today was bought from oriflame uk but rest assured the products are the same.
It comes as a bottle of 200mls retailing in nigeria for about.

This toner has salicylic acid which should be about 0.5% judging from its position on the ingredient list.

The bottle has a little dispenser hole which is extremely important to control product from tipping and spilling.
I love how their packaging is tamper proof.
You cant pry this open.

did it work
Toner is the second step in your beautu routine.
You should cleanse $ wash your skin then use a toner to draw out leftover dirt and then tighten and close your pores.
With salicylic acid this toner goes an extra mile to prevent acne by regulating hyperkeratinization
Reduce skin clogging.
It goes on a bit filmy like miscellar water and the dries to a firm finish.
I have used this to take makeup off before washing my face and it still did absolutely well.
It works.
How ?
No breakouts.
Here’s what it looked like on cotton wool after I had cleaned with clearasil pads.
I hope this emphasises the need for a toner in your routine

When I change something in my routine I make sure to check if my skin gets worse.
It didn’t.
I am yet to be through with this bottle because I absolutely dislike big sized products and I cant finish it. For the price you are getting a lot of product.
I will be moving this to the store so folks who stop by can have a feel of it and you dont need to buy a bottle to try if your skin will like it.
You can try mine.
I do plan to have a couple of testers for oriflame products available and this is one of the first of that lot.
I believe strongly in trying before you use.
In other words, I have a new toner Im giving a go.
So all in all. This is a good product for oily skin and especially sensitive skin.
You will enjoy using it as much as I did.


Skinplus calabar is open

We are open
Nosam medical laboratory house
Beside anchor point
Parliamentary extension road.

If you know brook church, this place is on your left as you head to brook church in the new parliamentary layout.
It’s a bit off the city centre but we are sure you will find time to visit us.
One thing is sure.
We won’t run out of freebies.

There’s products for natural hair.
Nail care
Makeup tools.
You will be sure to find something you like.
Looking for a cosmetic shop in calabar to get something out of the ordinary ?
Trust we have it.


A tiny list
Eos balms
Maybelline baby lips
Cellulose sponges for face care
Bioderma msicellar water
Evian natural water spray
Acne products
Avon masks and scrubs
Dr.lin range
Clearasil pads and gels
Aveeno Body butter
Sleek skincare range
Neutrogena scrubs
Natural nigerian products
Cantu shea butter range
Creme of nature naturals
Oriflame nigeria products are available for viewing. You can ask for a catalogue.
Oriflame uk products are shelved.
Almond oil in calabar
Grapeseed oil
Avocado oil
Coconut oil
Vegetable glycerin for hair and skin
Aloe vera gel
Jamaican black castor oil -classic and lavender
Eucalyptus oil-1500
Rosemary oil-1800
Lemon oil-1500
Lemon grass oil-1500
Tea tree oil -1600
Lavender oil -1800

You can buzz us to make your purchases on bbm or whatsapp 08036345531.
Visit the store
We are going on gtb sme hub soon so delivery and online payment will be available soon.


Natural Nigerian Products in calabar

Hello lovely ones of the blog and calabar …and environs.
I am pleased to inform you that we are officially open.
Skinpluscalabar is open and we have natural nigerian’s hair products in store.
Heres what is available

Bentonite clay-1500
Flax seeds-1000
Black soap-1500
Coconut oil
Castor oil
Almond oil
Grapes seed oil
Vegetable glycerin

Essential oils.
Tea tree oil
Lemon oil
Lemongrass oil
Eucalyptus oil

The prices are the same as on natural nigerian website
And will be completely updated here shortly.
Do stop by  nosam lab building 183 parliamentary road extension beside anchor point.
give us a call on 08036345531
Our new bbpin will be available shortly


Product swap giveaway

Hi people.
Happy sunday.
I have a little giveaway kinda thing on instagram now.
You can hop over to enter.
It’s like a variation of a product swap but you arent giving me anything in return.
I havent reviewed the sleek scrub but I have used a bit of it.
So also the other items.
Do pop over to instagram as I am wont of the energy to type it all out here again.
Drop a note here if you want any.



Late post – making it with #oriflame in Nigeria. Part 1

Hey lovelies. Help!!!! Oriflame has taken over my life. In a good way though.

Last month I made manager and i am extremely  pleased with myself and God who helped me. Also tremendously grateful to everyone who trusted the vision and signed up. We are making money and the best part of it is that I am helping people who would have otherwise been hopeless.

The best part of oriflame is that with wisdom, you can start a business with nothing. All you need is a catalogue and people. Stop anyone on the road, in your church and show them, gather orders worth 8500 and Let them pay upfront like a pre-order.

Your profit will be enough to register you for 1200. Go online, get yourself registered and place the orders you collected. Register others with your catalogue. You can even start with 1200 upfront.

This is the best thing since whatever could have been your best before now. I am so happy about this opportunity and what it means for everyone who keys into it.

Of course I don’t mind giving out strategies and tips for free .. Why? I started a small business from scouring the internet. Now I have one staff and more to come in my employ. I believe I can be a success story and you can to. There is nothing to this if you believe. All you need is a few friends who  are hungry for success and a better life. Talk to a consultant today for a catalogue. I am sure someone an lend you one to start your life with. Call me.. 08036345531 I am always available for advice and to help and this is not even about getting you on my team. It is about getting you a better life to live your dreams. I will share more tips as we go along with oriflame. Be sure to subscribe to the blog. Love and shopping