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My little Paris box uk review September box

So late but better late than never.
I love cute dainty little things.
I could stack up itty bitties for life.

As a product lover and curator of all things girly from stationery to sewing materials, I found my little box through which beauty box she is the go to on all beauty boxes far wide and flung apart.
Such a reservoir of review knowledge.

I placed my first order as they launched and I am never going to cancel
This box ticks all my fetishes in hugs them right in place.
It has a selection of lifestyle  products and beauty too

I got nuxe multi purpose oil which I am excited to try after reviewing the caudalie divine oil.

A little beauty box highloghting pen which has the looks of something I will soon be addicted to

A lappie case.. which is too small for my huge laptop but will carry my papers adequately  well.

Laura Mercer foundation  primer which I am yet to use since I am still suffering from travel lag and my skin hasn’t picked up yet.

A little cute notebook that tells the story  of the little beauty box

Stickers that should make you want to visit  Paris and bring back all the miscellar water you could possibly  find.

So i took a photo of my box contents-  not all, on this cute mango sweater which should actually come in size xxs because, just because xs is too big and I love cardigans.


Does this post about this beauty box make you feel girly and squishy  inside?
Wait until you see October box.

Do you want to subscribe?
Let me know.

Love and shopping

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Natural hair products in calabar

Hi everyone.
I had a busy weekend.
How was yours?
I attended the naturals in the city event hosted by ekene of thekinkandi and natural nigerian.
Well, I was busy otherwise I didn’t hear any of the things that were said.
To put the word out there, skinpluscalabar is open.
We have a few natural hair products in stock and would like to know what you want us to bring in for you.

We have
Black jamaican castor oil in lavender and regular/classic
Cantu shea
Creme of nature
Natural nigerian left leave in conditioner from her brand as well.

We wont be putting much out there until we know what exactly your needs are.
So this is a call to naturals in town and around let us know what you want in store.

Next weekend we will have drinks and cupcakes so follow us on instagram for updates.
skinplus twitter

Eos balms and hand lotions as well as our other regular staples including the okay facial brush and scrubs will be available by the end of the week.
Nosam medical laboratory,
183 parliamentary road extension calabar.

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Dark and Lovely anti breakage hair butter

I don’t for the life of me remember where I got this product from but I know it wasn’t in calabar.
It cost me N400 naira.
Long story short I have enjoyed soft sheen carsons products until of recent when I have had a few bad run-ins
I don’t know if this has to do with their move to west africa and attempt to customise products for us but the hair dye was also a fail.

Dark and lovely hair butter

This product is marketed to stop hair breakage to be used daily on scalp.
It has wheat germ oil and ceramides so why scalp only ?
I put it on my hair anyway as well as the scalp as directed.
It left a serious residue of some compound that never melted and couldn’t be broken down.
I tried to mix it with some olive oil and mayo.
It still gave my hair a stringy feel and left deposits on my scalp.

Then I saw michelle dede leave a comment on their page that she’s being using this for years and it makes her natural hair so soft.
I’m wondering what planet I’m from.
How best to analyse this product I don’t know but I made a hair mask out of it and used it all up in one day.

You bet I won’t be repeating this purchase.
I’m sorry guys.
I have to absolutely tell the truth about everything I review here.
If you have tried this and you liked it let me know your thoughts please.
I’m open to change


Naturals in paradise

Hi everyone ..
I just want to quickly  invite you to naturals in paradise a meetup for hair and all things hair related.
It is holding in calabar…..
It is organised by natural Nigerian and thekinkandi.
The event costs 500naira for attendance and payment will be made at the door.
Some hair bloggers will be there to share their tips.
Sizzelle store will be there.
Natural Nigerian has a range of hair products which I’m sure will be available.
I will be there too as an individual  and as skinplus.
So lets catch up at bays bar diamond hill calabar on october18th by 1pm.
I will have some stuff for sale with me so do pop by.
Expect to see
Savvychic magazine
Satin caps
Makeup primer
Oriflame skincare
Avon skincare
Dr.Lin products
Sleek skincare too.
There’s also a special discount at the event on products!


Love and shopping

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Paula's choice mini reviews

Hello loves,
How is everyone doing?
It’s been a bit of a hassle here.
I still have so many posts.
I’m beginning to imagine what life was before this blog got the better of me.
I mean, you wake up in the morning and you are writing out drafts, editing and all.
I absolutely love that in some way I can be helpful to you while doing something I enjoy.

I posted about the Paula’s choice samples I got here
And here’s a review of the stuff I’ve used from those samples.

Skin balancing oil reducing cleanser

Paula says cleansers must be gentle and never leave the skin tight or dry.
This is a creamy wash that is designed to gently take makeup and oil off skin.
It does so adequately well.
Instructions say you should add a bit of manual cleansing with a towel or sponge.
I used the ole henricksen cellulose facial sponge.
It can be used around the eye area
This would also be a good deal for electric facial brushes.
It took makeup off well and didn’t strip skin of moisture.
I however doubt if it can control breakouts adequately and so I will be testing a full bottle.
This is because It was a small sample and I didn’t use it for a long time.
It should be followed with the toner
Annitje was very bothered about the products I would be using with this and she made sure to include one line which was my main interest from start to finish.

skin balancing pore reducing toner
The toner was as effective as it should be and it did clean up nicely after the cleanser.
There wasn’t much to take off anyway.
It didn’t strip my face although there was that filmy feeling which went away once it air dried.
This is a very good toner and scores all the good points except the left over moisture but that dried fast

skin balancing super antioxidant serum
This serum smells a bit like eggs but it is amazing.
Unlike the other serums, this is a creamy consistency. It has retinol which is a plus plus plus for any serum that aims to correct skin.
I liked it a lot but I didnt like the smell.

skin recovery replenishing moisturiser

For normal to dry and very dry skin
Gentle enough to be used on the eye area so you dont have to get a different cream for the eyes.
Amazing !
I have oily skin but it felt like wow and non greasy.
It didn’t break me out and none of the products did by the way which is a maximal plus.

weekly resurfacing peel with 10% glycolic acid3mls
You know I love glycolic acid.
I used this peel on my mum twice.
It gave an instant glow to her skin and when used with the antiaging moiaturiaer for mature skin I loved the overall effect.

Conclusion is that I really didn’t need to do a lot of testing before deciding which products would make it down here again.
I am very positive about getting paulas choice in nigeria via their south african base and i’m certain the peel as well as the serums will do very well for african skin.
I enjoyed using the samples and I love paulas choice!
My top purchase will be the peel and dry skin serum.

Love and shopping


Oriflame Nigeria registration

Hi people
This is a direct link to oriflame Nigeria registration page
register oriflame sponsor number 325 .
You will need

Id card number… passport, national id card, drivers licence
Date of birth
Sponsor number 325.

You will not be charged for registering until you log in and place an order.
If you are in lagos you can physically go to their office after registration to pay and shop.
There is no minimum purchase required.
You buy whatever you want.

Your registration fee is charged to your account when you purchase.
You can also pay with a pos at ikeja.
For product codes and catalogue to know what they are please check catalgoue online.
Same page on the home page for the site.

After registration you activate your account from the email you are sent.
You can log in with your email and the password you chose.
Click on any of the tabs skincare,haircare,perfumes etc
Shop by adding to your basket.
Your registration fee of 1200 will be added to your basket.
You can check out afterwards.

Payment should be made either by direct transfer or by cash deposit.
They do not yet have a payment gateway.
Orders are picked up after 24hours at 43a Adeniyi Jones ikeja.
If you need help, let me know.
If you register under me please send me an email so I will know and guide you appropriately …

For tips and the success plan, I need to chat and explain to you how to make money with oriflame.
You should send me mail.
My email is all over this blog but
Do it right.

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chandrea Lifestyle calabar – buttermilk soap review

Sodium palmate
Sodium cocoate
Titanium dioxide
Parfum ( eugenol, coumarin limalool alpha methly ionone )
98% organic

Chandrea is a lifestyle brand.
Based in calabar as all I know for now.
I say brand because they have a wide array of own products ..
Bath soaps, fizzes , fragrance oils, house sprays,lotions too.

I have been seeing chandrea from day 1 beside valuemart on marian road calabar but my curiousity was never piqued beyond a quick lookover at the products in store.

They moved location to venetian mall and with a huge outlay space full of exotic furniture and outer wordly sigh provoking interior decor materials I had to visit and have since become a regular lusting after furniture priced way above my current means.
They don’t allow pictures so sorry,no shop pictures.

Do you know why it’s easy to lust after skincare products.
Visit any skin/makeup site and arrange products from high to low..
You probably won’t hit one million naira on any item.
So I easily migrate to throw pillows and the corner where the scents are all stashed.

I have gotten a number of items but of course I am not one to do a haul haul because I haul anytime I step out my door and who really wants to know the brand of italian tomato purree I die for at valuemart ( see that there )

So I bought this teeny bit of bar soap on the 1st of october and also a strip of fabric tape which went into some order wrapping immediately.

They gifted me two little tea candles because ahem*i begged for and there weren’t any smaller bags.
Sorry, I beg in shops! Hahaha!

It’s called buttermilk soap and costs 500naira.
Here’s how we went down.

The smell- not very buttery but it is organic so no artificial smells allowed.

Lather- a lot of soap suds
No faulting this.
It cleaned well and left my skin feeling like it had a good wash.
The only downside for a butter milk soap is that I expected to have some creamy thing left on my skin but that didn’t happen. 🙁

All in all if you have oily skin,this will be the perfect bar for you.
With dry skin or atopy I don’t think it will cut it.
I’m looking to try the other varieties of soap they have available and one diffuser from the line plus their candles.
Maybe we can work something out.
I have a thing for home grown brands…

Until next time people, hop into chandrea calabar and enjoy yourself.


Savvychichairbeauty hub magazine and satin sleep caps

Hi people,


You may have heard of dabby of naijahaircangrow of naija hair can grow
she’s an entrepreneur who is meeting an important need
Hard copy hair information and satin caps for y”all hairlistas.
So the good news is I’ve got sleep caps and i”m wearing mine as I type.
Comfortable something I tell you.
I had bought some elastic to construct one for myself but this has taken the stress off me and you too.
A blog post on my other activities is up soon
But for now, you can get savvy and chic magazine in calabar at the pop up store in nosam medical laboratory on Parliamentary road extension beside anchor point.
we are moving upstairs soon, same location.
YaY us!
I doubt there will be any cap left by tomorrow so I’m posting this night for my blog readers who should try and get on instagram.
2caps left.
Best thing is this cap didn’t slip off all night. A first!
The magazines are available! Stop over.
I have this idea that has to do with Wilson’s lemonade and the store.
Hehehe.#sneak peek.
Later loves.

Love and shopping

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HOw Effaclar Duo Plus changed my Life

Effaclar Duo plus is a product from larocheposay part of the L’oreal family.
Since I got my first item to review from escentual which was a tube of effaclar duo plus, my skin has never remained the same.

Yes, I get outbreaks of acne once in a while when I slip up on regimen or start testing a new product.
My skin has not been this good since I was using mary kay timewise and acne gel in college (pray ask me why I stopped )

I no longer have breakouts that last for weeks then turn into blackheads and scars.
The right side of my face which I sleep on every night is losing the dark marks from previous acne slowly.

My T zone is brighter.
For something that costs about N4500 Nigerian Naira, you best be certain it is worth every penny.

This is a multi tasking product and serves as an excellent base for makeup.
Please dump silicon primers.
After a wedding outing when a silicon primer was used on me, I had 3 large breakouts in exact same region of application.
I’m sorry but that primer showed me shege.
Silicon doesn’t allow skin breathe.

I’m all for allowing skin breathe and having good skin.
It is a continuous fight against acne and surely we will win but in that fight, effaclar duo plus keeps you on the frontline winning day by day.

Effaclar duo plus is available at skinplus calabar. For other la roche posay products please check the shop list for instructions and contact at skinplus calabar.

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Benefit porefessional review

This one product.
The uk’s most loved primer.
The other primers I’m loving up to try are
.smashbox camera
.heir atelier
.Becca poreless matte
Maybelline baby skin pore eraser

The struggle is real.
Benefit ships to Nigeria but you need to see how I struggled to get myself the free one in elle uk June.
It was come hell and high water.
Cost me some but I always love a small tester before the big leap and 4mls of product is about as good as I need for an introduction and making my mind up.

This came as you must have seen here with my elle uk from

I immediately dropped my go-to primer, the rimmel
And started on this.
It came in a little tube with the same design as the full one and had a sealed top.

The colour is a brownish tan mix and it goes on pretty matte.
You can feel it sealing up the pores but amazingly no breakouts ensued.
I’ve been using it with my la Roche posay effaclar duo plus and together it’s a great team.
I’ve also used it alone severally and it didn’t disappoint.
My makeup stayed in place all day and even for a wedding I only blotted twice.
It stayed on all day and I didn’t have itchy face syndrome.

Some Nigerian brands have primer but I really haven’t tried them out.
The fear of silicon for a face that breaks out with any provocation is real.

Does your face manufacture oil?
Do you need a fail proof matte primer?
Here you go.

I’m looking to roll out full shop soon and this is one of the products that will be available.
Let me know if there’s anything you want me to try and which primers you can recommend I keep an eye out for.

Love and shopping

benefit 4mls

benefit 4mls