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Giveaway news and what's new


I had an impromptu giveaway on instagram a few months ago and these two packages were sent to the winners.
First two comments on a picture I posted.
So one went to @ruudsoso and one to @deevadoc
So so got the item I posted which is the asiam daily butter conditioner while deevadoc got an Avon ultra colour lippie in red velvet and the Avon excercisegyro ball.

I’m thinking of doing another giveaway but I need to be certain it will be well received or I may just stick to instagram.
Besides new products I have a couple of samples I would also like to share.
If you want me to do the giveaway here, kindly Drop a comment.

I would also love to know any particular skin concerns you have so you could mention it down there in the comment box and I may just pack some samples up for you.

The last issue is products I’ve used a bit of but didn’t like.
If you wouldn’t mind trying them too, leave a note.
I dont mind trying stuff someone else has used unless it’s in a jar but if it is la mer… lol. I don’t mind at all.
Okay  people I want to know what you think.
lets chat.

Love and shopping

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How to return stuff to asos from Nigeria.

I know how much we all love asos.
Sometimes however something may go wrong and you get an order in a bit of a mix up.
Wrong size, dress isn’t as Glam as you wanted, wrong item all together.
It’s not true that there is no way to return and that asos won’t pay for returns.
It is clearly stated on their site that returns are free.
These days they are more likely to ask you to keep the item if the cost of return may be far more than the item itself.
This is not to say you should make it a habit.
Some sites take these claims seriously and investigate.

Here are a few steps to getting your item sent back and  processing your refund.

1. Try to open items as soon as you pick them up.
2. Do have your account page bookmarked and handy so you can compare with your order online,  the order note that comes in your parcel is usually a print out of your order from the site.
3. Check everything carefully.
4. If you have some missing or incorrect item, it is best to leave your order at the post office if they will keep for you and tell them you will be sending it back immediately. asos customer care on twitter they reply  very fast.. asos here to help link
6. Report to them and they will usually say what they would rather you do.
7. If they ask you to send it back, use normal postage at nipost.
8. It costs  minimum of about  3,500 to 4,000 to send a parcel back to asos and it is usually tracked delivery.
9. Use the returns sticker that comes with every order for the right address  to send it to.
10. Scan a copy of the nipost receipt and send it to asos customer care. They will have an Email sent to you for that.
11. Your refund usually credits when the item arrives and that’s about two weeks.

You can use fedex ups but I don’t think asos will pay for that unless they sent you a wildly expensive item by mistake. Hahaha.

As for orders, whenever you place a first order on asos it may take a bit of time to get to you.
Patience is key. Try not to raise false alarms and trigger replacements or refunds and then your order arrives.
Check your post office, you’ll be surprised  the amount of pending orders sitting on their shelves.
I hope this helps.

Love and shopping

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Olay lift and firm eye gel review


Olay has got so many products out there it’s difficult to even decipher what is which and which is what.
So I got this from valuemart calabar when i considered my lines had become an emergency and something needed to be done to halt the progression immediately.
It cost 2200 Nair a and I started using it as soon as I bought it.


This gel is formulated for people 40+ and it contains vitamins B6 ,B5 which work best for skin with blemishes and dehydrated skin because they help retain moisture.
There’s also witch hazel.
Witch hazel calms and tones skin,
B6 is helpful for aging skin which lacks moisture and although I initially doubted that it would do any firming I still bought it.
It’s a clear gel which cools the skin immediately you put it on, dabbing the under eye area with it.
Skin feels tighter immediately afterwards and then that’s it.
Nothing else happened.


For something that is marketed to treat advanced skin defective in collagen,I’m really wondering what the idea olay was working with here is.
It should have been marketed for eye bags,puffness and dehydrated aging skin.

It didn’t lift anything and even though skin felt tighter after use it was a temporary effect that didn’t last.
It has no sun protection factor (spf) and so I don’t know what they expected anyone to do with it during the day.
Wear spf over it ?
Or probably go to bed wearing vitamin infused witch hazel which is all this really is.

Packaging is just off as this little tub is wont to get contaminated with germs as use is continued.
Maybe I just prefer pump dispensers for eye creams which are supposed to be delicate skin preparations.
A little tube will also have worked better or a roller as well to ease application.

I didn’t like this product and I stopped using it after a week.
That’s my honest view.
I think as someone who has used a number of olay antiaging products on my hands, I must say this is my least favourite of their entire range i’ve used.

Love and shopping

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Murad skincare


Murad skincare is the first American doctor owned brand.
The company prides itself on leading and cutting edge innovation in skincare and recipes that have stayed true to the ideals of the original founder Dr.Howard Murad.
Superior formulas
Personalised care
The all inclusive healthy lifestyle are the core principles of the brand.
I recently got the featured set from murad skincare.
Purchased it on sale from bathandunwind, they ship to Nigeria because I’ve been looking to do stuff for my
Skin as regards fine line and crow feet.
I’m still working on definitive reviews for the eye creams i’m using. These things take time.
All murad products come in the three essential steps
That’s why they have a lot of kits.

The resurgence range is for aging.
The murad set has
One step two toner
One step two treatment age diffusing serum and two step three protect moisturisers which are actually sunscreen.
This is a first look so expect how we fared in a bit.
Have you tried any murad products before?
Their acne kit is really cool.
What say you?

Love and shopping

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@Lookfantastic beautybox

Look fantastic is launching it’s beautybox tomorrow but pre-orders have already been dispatched from early this week.
They haven’t said if the boxes will be monthly but thefirstbox costs £15 and contents worth about £45 and a free mystery gift worth £85 in five random boxes.
They’ve got all the bloggers going oooooooooooghhhhhhh’ good it is.
Someone posted a picture this morning on instagram and there’s some


Caudalie oil! -who read my review?
Loreal- two products
This works -sleep pillow spray

It looks like a good box.
I can’t wat to get mine
Especially after spying that caudalie oil.
This is surely a bargain for the classy contents.

Look fantastic ships directly to Nigeria and so many other countries. At about the price of 4800 you can grab yourself this if it’s not sold out yet but at last check it was still available for pre order.
beauty box link

Love and shopping

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Vitale olive oil 4 in 1 growth serum


I bought this oil as part of a new healthy hair journey i started which I’ll blog about in full later but I just had to post a review.
It cost 940 Naira at valuemart calabar a i’ve been using for a month since I put braids in.
I was really at a loss of what to do with my hair and I needed something fuss free but not a weave.
You know how braids are comfy right?
So vitale says this oil will –

Prevent thinning and breakage
Repair hair damage
Promote long thick healthy hair
Excellent for weaves and braids

Water, panthenol, hydroxyethyl cellulose, glycerin, sulphur, camphor, arnica extract, pepper extract,nettle extract, centrella asiatica extract, peppermint, horseradish, olive oil, black seed, lactic acid, vitamin E
This list is why I bought the product.

the verdict
This is some wonder oil.
My hair was in braids and grew so much
Plus it is was organised kind of growth
There was minimal shedding
No fall out
My hair was stronger too.
I had six weeks old braids and my hair was still in order.
I love it and I’ve finished the bottle.
Good stuff.
It just doesn’t grow edges well or the braid pull out was more.

You can get this at any major store that sells hair goods and carries the line.
Other oils are keracare which has castor oil and is really good.
Some natural product lines Nigerian made like AJALI has a hair oil blend.
Ojon hair oil as well is good too.
I’m currently using keracare hair oils which has a similar constitution but with castor oil.
I’m going to do a blend of my own pretty soon.
Valuemart calabar- N940
Ebeano supermarket lagos??

What’s your favourite hair oil?
Do you mix and blend yourself?

Love and shopping

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Keracare detangling shampoo

Keracre hydrating detangling shampoo

I’m going to be going a bit further than my regular skin care posts once in a while to review products I’ve tried as part of my healthy hair journey.
The first on my new regimen I posted awhile back was this shampoo.
What determined my decision to buy it?
I heard a lot of the range and how expensive it was.
That was before I discovered it on look fantastic and realised it wasn’t as pricey as made to appear.
The average shampoo will set you back about N1000 naira and strip your hair of every good thing!
I tried herbal essences before this and my hair broke like nothing ever.
It came in a 240 MLS bottle with a tip cap.
On the bottle is the W indication which I discovered for keracare products means use on wet hair.

What piqued my interest ?
The Main natural ingredient  is wheat protein.
Protein is good because our hair is made of protein and will help to seal breaks, strengthen hair too.
Others are preservatives.
No sulphates and parabens

Sulphates are mostly used to make products lather but they strip oils completely -not good.
This is a top selling point for this shampoo.

Of course I now stock and use it and I must say it is one of the best shampoos to ever touch my hair.

It went right through and I could feel it conditioning my hair.
My mum also got one bottle off my haul and she’s sold.
She recently said this was a top product and i should buy more.
It almost feels like you’re washing your hair with conditioner.
Now I know how much Fun some naturals have with hair products.

There wasn’t any breakage and my hair felt moisturized throughout the wash process.
This has certainly been a good start to a healthy head of hair and I love it so much.
Being the junkie that I am, there’ll probably be some story soon about another shampoo but please, this is my love for all time.
I may try stuff for sale but this is a topper!

Will make subsequent posts on other hair products I’m using and how we are faring with them plus the state of my hair.
I’m not yet at that point where I can boldly wear those hair measuring t-shirts but we are making a bit of progress.

Rating 5/5
Plenty discussion not required.

Shop keracrare range in calabar ?
Check here delivery everywhere and in calabar

Samples will be going out with purchases

Love and shopping


Oriflame founding members training

Here are pictures from the oriflame founding members training which held in ikeja recently.
I’ve put up a post or two about oriflame and their foray into the Nigerian market bringing financial opportunities everyone can benefit from.
The training held to intimate the founding members on exactly how the oriflame setup will run amongst several other things discussed.
We were told about the benefit plan, the oriflame opportunity, how to make money with oriflame, the oriflame site, how to place orders and pay as well as picking orders up.
It was a full day of vital information dispensing.

We had tea break and lunch. free food! Yay!
Who gives you free food and free training ?
I’m loving oriflame so much Already
There will be a long extensive post where I’m going to put up everything we talked about at the training and as expected with everything that’s new there are a few corners to be straightened out so i want to ensure i’m putting the right information out there for you.
Most important for you is how you will get your oriflame products,
There are a number of consultants spread out over the country I know for now we’ve got me down here south east and someone in kaduna, IMO state, and a lot in lagos.
You can register through them when the final opening is done and you can also contact them for products.
I spied a good amount of stuff at the training I can’t wait to get my hands on.
Body butter with oats, some lipsticks, shower gels.
I’m currently using oriflame happy skin which is a lotion for dry skin and it is decadent!
I can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on these stuff.

For now here are a few amateur pictures.
Enjoy !








Okechukwu came from imo state. We mean business here!
Mr. Christian mertzig -oriflame nigeria country manager! Hottie alert join us so you can see him often.
Mr. Indra, country sales manager oriflame nigeria. Hes a funny funny guy,loved his sessions, very informative and inspiring too.

If you can spot the body butter in these pictures, you deserve an oriflame gift from me. Fastest fingers.

Love and shopping