Alpha H micro cleanse mini review


First look at this product I was completely filled with curiosity.
its funny how I forgot I ever owned it after that.
Alpha H is one brand I almost feel owns the patents to glycolic.
If you haven’t tried their liquid gold, you should if you’ve got problem skin and anti-aging issues.
A good substitute would be the sleek neuskin reveal and neuskin reveal more!
Stumbled across this picture while going through my gallery.
It was a soothing cleanse and it took makeup off fairly enough at the end of the day.
I’m beginning to think everyone needs a makeup remover like miscellar water first before using a cleanser because you don’t get much out of a wash on extremely makeup filled skin.
I noticed things work better for me that way.
I’ve incorporated a miscellar cleanse pre wash.

The alpha H has little particles in it which I suspect is the rice bran.
We all know how beneficial rice water is and how many vitamins it contains.
Think of this as a natural infusion of that goodness.
It has glycolic acid so it’s worth your while if you have acne prone skin.
I loved it and I’m going to buy another – after I’ve tried out like one million more face washes.
So my verdict?
I love it.
Look out for alpha H cleanse and the liquid gold in the pop up.

Love and shopping

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Avon youth restore firming face cream

This is one cheap but uhhuhmazing 100mls of good stuff.
The Avon youth care firming face cream has-

Hydrolysed elastin
Grape seed extract

This is what you find as single ingredients in entire brands/product lines.
I’m using this on my body as I’ve always had fine lines on the back of my legs and my hands.
I’ve used a whole lot of stuff and if I’d been doing reviews all along,  you’d get lost in this blog.
I like this cream and I think you will too for your body.. I’m placing the emphasis well.
Very calming and great for night moisturizing especially since it doesn’t have sunscreen and it has retinol.
This is automatically on re- purchase.
Loving eeeeet but not for face which is what it was manufactured for.
it broke me out badly on the two occasions I put it on my face.
Terrible scars left behind for which I’ve been using maxipeel 4% hydroquinine to spot treat (story for another day) and caudalie polyphenols sunscreen fluid.
Perhaps because there’s no serious ingredient that targets pores like salicylic or glycolic.
This is because you can’t use retinol with any of those two or at least within an hour of each other.
It wasn’t developed for acne anyways.

If you want this, you can pre-order but I may have


a tub or two in shop.

Love and shopping

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Lucas pawpaw ointment

Pawpaw ointment image courtesy pawpawshop.co.uk

So the adventures of samsie.
I’ve been seeing this cult product for a long time.
A number of celebs have mentioned it as their go to salve for lips and bits.
It has been used for acne too, nappy rash, boils, it’s like Egyptian magic cream (story for another day)
It’s made in Australia by the Lucas family.
Their father started it about 100 years ago.
He was a botanist.
The amazing thing is that for it’s cheap for all it does.
A 9g tube is about 4australian dollars.

Pawpaw has an enzyme called papain.
Let me tell you a story about it.
A colleague had this skin growth that had been cauterised, podophyllised and what not, along with 5% salicylic gel and 10% too.
Nothing really worked.
2days of raw pawpaw leaves and as at now that entire thing is history.
I’m just saying you can make your own pawpaw salve too. Theirs is made by fermenting carefully selected pawpaws.

Back to the Lucas and sons, I decided I was going to try this because it’s an amazing exfoliant especially for lips.
I’ve been using carmex lip balm and it’s amazing.
It has a bit if salicylic acid and my pink came back in 2months.
Like I just noticed I got some pink on my lips.
Exfoliation sure is important.

I sent a message to pawpaw shop uk as you cannot buy this directly on their site.
If you get from the shop au, you aren’t allowed to resell.
They sent an invoice.
That’s the end of the story.
For now that is.
I’m going to definitely find a way around it and when i do try it out myself you bet I’ll find a way to stock it.
Legitimately too.

If you’ve tried this, I’d love to know exactly how it went for you.
Please drop a note.
If you’d like to try it as well, do leave a message. Maybe you’ll Get one when i do.
I mean, the more we are the merrier the party.

PayPal arrived Nigeria a few months ago and I’m now making arrangements to get it.
So lets hear from you if you want one.

Love and shopping


The Beauty Box


One of my dreams has always been to have a beauty box subscription in Nigeria.
I’ve toyed with the idea for so long and have even written out the plan.
The problem has always been getting consistently lower priced products for the value I would love to offer as well as providing shipping for as low as possible or free.
For now the beauty subscriptions available I know of are in lagos only.
The post for beauty boxes has been on page for several months now and I decided to make a proper post of it.
It’s just a link up there explaining what the boxes are about.
Do contact me if you want a box for yourself or as a gift for a friend.
There are one off themed boxes which you can purchase as you please.
Each month has a theme box which will be uploaded on the box page.

Will start off full subscriptions in October after we get the complete complement of all the brands we will have in offer.

Love and shopping

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Healthy hair journey

What I’ve always known is that my hair grows and grows well.
The problem however is breakage.
My hair as at some ten years ago was way beyondshoulder length. I was at 12inches to 14 inches but I couldn’t maintain that length without my mothers help.
I used dark and lovely relaxer for a very long time and I loved the way it actually thinned my hair out made it manageable too.
I used the super because my hair reverted after using regular.
Been on dark and lovely since 1998.
A very long time of about 12 years.
What I think protected my hair in all that time was

1.the henna mask I used religiously after every wash and I wasn’t doing a lot of weaves.
2. I used pink oil before any heat processing on my hair
3. I used organics hair mayonnaise every single day.
4. I tucked my hair away in a bun everyday and kept it for 3weeks post relaxer washing every week until the 5th week when I started braids. I relaxed every 3months.
5.Used a hair hood dryer all the time and didn’t let hair dry hard.I always came out before time – 15-20mins max and then added more pink oil.
6. Dax indian hemp for styling and shea butter for scalp.
7. No more dandruff shampoo alternated with hair fruits.

Fast forward to 2008 when I discovered human hair weaves and thats when my hair took a turn for the worse.
I’ve never used a lace wig before but consistently leaving my hair out in weaves damaged it.
Saloons don’t do much to help with the hair situation either.
I relocated to calabar for internship.
So much unprotected heat processing and manipulation.

1. I was working hard and stressed out
2. No more mayo every morning
3. Stopped using henna when a salonist advised I shouldn’t (just imagine) that was during nysc in abuja at some salon in garki 2.
4. Blow drying and tonging became the order of the day. (Often unprotected)
5. No more pink oil.
6. Retouching every 6weeks to keep hair looking fly in weaves.

The plan-
I’m currently at about 8inches of hair just shoulder length.
I chopped off a good length of my hair after stretching  a relaxer for about 5 months.
I had about 3 inches of growth which I texturised.

Then I have gone in on a few hair products
I started with the keracare line.
The shampoo is great and infuses a lot of moisture
The conditioner/mask is also nice
I’m also testing out a few shampoos to use and working out a regimen.
I got this asiam daily butter conditioner.
I’ve given away the extra one.
Therefore I’m back to my hair mayo along with-

1.Keracare detangling shampoo alternated with avon dandruff shampoo for fragile hair
2. Hair mayo and olive oil mask for deep conditioning
3. Anatomicals the sleek shall inherit the earth conditioner.for the processed part of the hair.
4. Organics herbal conditioner for the unprocessed hair.
5. Smooth care herbal pomade and no more dandruff hair cream.
6. Avon 360 damage repair – stops breakage and actually repairs split ends.
7. Hairven leave in conditioner mixed with tisserand tea tree oil for braids
8. Vitale growth oil for scalp
9. Washing hair at home and air drying just like mamma used to do it.

Will keep you posted.
P.s if you want me to do the giveaways on the blog, drop a note and let me know.
For now all the giving action is restricted to instagram.

Love and shopping

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Cult beauty sites I'm loving – site alert

New website that ships to Nigeria I found on cult of pretty
Appears shortly after I found meow meow tweet she did too.
Okay so i copped this off her, found them on instagram and fell in love.
There’s something divinely delicate about their packaging, website and the products.
Pink bath salts? Sigh.

Image via mulleinandsparrow

Peep this on the editor in chief of lucky magazine’s instagram feed – evachen bannister

Detox tea blend?
I have a feeling this would go well with white sheets, a pastel pink french pedicure, a dainty teacup and catbird stacks

Try the lavender hydrosol for a bit of pampering as a toner.
Think God made goodness in oil plus distilled water.

Best seller hydrosol.

Tres fabuluoso.
Find them here website and contact here instagram feed.
Sigh, take me out of here.

Love and shopping

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New products at @skinpluscalabar

So we just got these and they are ready for purchase.
You’ll notice a lot of acne solutions because that’s what we are all about- clear skin.
It’s a daily struggle but these babies are here to help.
Please call 08036345531 to order or send a whatsapp message.

Neutrogena oil free pink grapefruit acne face scrub. Double size
Olay facial contour brush- fresh effects va-va-vivid wih a cleanser and battery price 3000
Mario badescu skin care complexion perfection kit with dying lotion, drying powder and cream -8500
Dr lin acne care system with face wash 2% salicylic acid 1800 , face pads with salicylic acid andacne cream with 5% benzoyl peroxide
10% benzoyl peroxide cream- oxy 10 - 2000 naira
Benzpyl peroxide face wash - 1800 naira
Oxy 10 salicylic acid wash - 1800 naira



My holy grail pads. The clerasil deep pore rapid pads - 1800 naira
Aveeno positively nourishing body butter 170g - 1800 naira
Eos lip balmsin mint 1000 naira

Gluththione antioxidant caps 3500 naira 2 months supply

635mg green tea with 25mg hoodia. Diet aid and slimming pill - 2000 one month supply

Dr lin acne spot corrector 5% benzoyl peroxide - 1800
Dr. Lin acne cleansing pads. 2% salicylic acid 1500naira

Royal eyeshadow brushes –
Large shading _1000
Small -900

Love and shopping


acnefree therapeutic sulfur mask review

Acne free is a brand I met at amah and dee pharmacy in lekki chevy view estate.
The pharmcy is one I’ve raved about continuously here on twitter if you follow me.
I make sure to stop over whenever in Lagos and avail myself of the wonders of that store.
There’s always a surprise.

The mask cost me 800naira
It contains sulphur 3.5% and copper along with vitamin c
I’ve used it for the past months since purchasing it about 3x weekly and it hasn’t failed to impress.

Haven’t seen the brand elsewhere save on amazon usa
They also had acne gel (benzoyl peroxide) which cost 800naira as well.
I love this product and when layered with my neutrogena pink grapefruit scrub it makes for nice clear skin.
I leave on for about 30minutes and follow with water and other treatments.
I prefer this to the queen Helene mint julep mask and I think this is probably what they were put to achieve.

Love it.
Rating 5/5
No nonsense product.
Amazing value.

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Ingrams the skin doctor camphor cream – review

Hello south Africa.
Today’s post is about a south African product.
I bought this cream in 2013 in Ibadan.
It was during the west African college update course and I’d run out of moisturizer on purpose.
Any reason to go trolling.
So out we went and ended up at shoprite where I bought this.
There are a few other shops we visited but that was so long ago I hadn’t even started blogging actively.
I can’t remember their names now.

So this cream has camphor in it and is sold to – treat and nourish dry and chapped skin.
There are two types, the classic and herbal.
The herbal has aloe Vera in it and comes in a green packaging
I got the classic.
There was no herbal on the shelf.

Here’s a little history

Ingram’s Camphor Cream was formulated in South Africa in 1937. Hans Rose, was a German immigrant who formulated the cream. Rose arrived at the doorstep of Ingram’s Pharmacy where he met Len Tannenbaum, pharmacist and founding member of Adcock Ingram.
Rose assured Tannenbaum that he could make anything in the cosmetic field. Tannenbaum then held out his dry, chapped hands and challenged the young Rose to find a treatment. The next morning Rose returned with a pot of glistening white cream and claimed “This cream will give you soft hands.”Tannenbaum set out promoting the product by sending complementary jars of the cream to Johannesburg Hospital.
Soon nurses were buying the cream and telling their friends about it. Rose could not keep up with the demand.
A decision was made to expand the manufacturing capacity and transfer the production to Krugerdorp, a town 50 miles from Johannesburg.Ingram’s Camphor Cream continued it’s journey to the top of the market with a formula that proves it can stand the test of time.

I love a good story
THis jar cost me 400 Nair a and i wish I’d bought more back then.

Ingredients – aqua, glycerin, stearic acid, sunflower oil, lanolin, ceteryl alcohol, potassium hydroxide, parfum, benzyl alcohol, coumarin, limolene, linalool.

It’s non greasy and moisturises well though spreading it on may be a bit difficult.
It’s better patted into skin.
I added some nip and Fab multi fix oil and the result for application was impressive.
You can add any other oils like olive or vitaminE depending on whatever needs you have.
For antiaging a bit of rosehip oil will do.

I enjoyed using this cream especially in cold Ibadan.
Apparently this is a cult product in south Africa.
It can also be used as a post sun care product.
I love it and i hope shoprite nigeria makes it a staple on their shelves as I kept looking out for it in Abuja and lagos and didn’t even find it when I went back to Ibadan earlier this year.
In the meantime, buy ingrams usa
buy south africaonline ships to Australia, Zimbabwe etc but not Nigeria.
Its also available on amazon uk

Meanwhile, when is shoprite coming to calabar? I’m really tired of shredding chicken from bones.
If you’ve tried this, I’d love to know what you thought.
What other cult products for dry skin do you know about or would love to see in nigeria?
Lets chat.

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shopping in Dubai.

Travel season is upon us again and it occurred to me that when I went on vacation last year to the uae I searched the web frantically for a do it all see it all information page on places to go in dubai.

Maybe this will help someone.

August is the best month to visit dubai.
All the shops will be clearing out their stock in preparation for fall collections.
Almost every outlet does sales.
Plan your day. Try to do one mall per day and buy what you like when you see it. You won’t be going back or you’ll get lost doing so.

First tip- you should totally get a train card.
Ask for the metro guide at the train station

Metro guide dubai

the guards are always kind enough to point you in the right direction.
The dubai metro runs through most of the big malls and all the way to the end of the city at both ends.
If you’ve got some money, buy a first class card. That way you get to sit down comfortably.
The first class coach is usually empty save for a few people.
The silver card gets you in the regular coach where there will hardly be seats.

The Dubai metro has two lines.
The red and the green.
Both lines intersect at burjuman and union station
Most malls are on the red line.
You can move from one route to the other and switch directions.

Red line, green line

Burjuman is located in bur Dubai.
A lovely residential area with golden sands apartments, and exclusive casa hotels and apartments.
The famous high end burjuman mall is also here with spinneys supermarket, Mac Donald’s and a lovely bistro Paul’s bakery.
The burjuman mall hosts dkny, zara, Kenneth Cole and a number of American, English designers.
There’s boots and victoria secret and the sweet smell of coffee is everywhere while you shop.
The big bus dubai tour takes off hourly outside burjuman mall daily.
The other end of burjuman station hosts Max headquarters and another great retail line.
Amazing household stuff.
Walk down the road to labels of love, a thrift / new clothing boutique store and if you love American suits be on the lookout for a shop that has them all down that road.

At burjuman you can take a cab to other malls.
The cabs charge 15 dhs per minute or thereabouts for the first and then subsequently 10
10 dhirams is 450 Nair a averagely

With Dubai metro you can go through a number of malls in one day.
Al Karama is the next station after burjuman on the left of the red line.
It hosts a bustling market with designer fakes.

The Dubai mall is always the best place to start.
Every brand on earth (almost) is there.
Louboutin, Chanel, Aldo, h and m, new look, Dorothy Perkins, miss selfridge, there’s food and macarons -Madison laudree. Sephora, gnc, boots, river island.
Starbucks and a number of other delicatessens
M and co on the third floor has lovely lovely clothes and jackets to die for.
Wear comfortable shoes.
You can develop plantar fascitis after a Day in that mall.
Look out for Max, the uae version of primark uk.
Totally wearable clothes.
The burj kalifa is just beside the Dubai mall and it’s a worthwhile experience going up there.
I didn’t anyway I was there for the clothes and creams.

Mall of emirates is 3 stations away from the Dubai mall and hosts the worlds only indoor ski park, Debenhams and a number of other clothing lines.
3stationsnfrom mall of emirates is the Dubai marina mall where etihad usually drops it’s passengers.
If you travel with etihad,you can check in your luggage at the head office and move to marina mall for a last minute shop trolling.
The red line ends at jebel Ali.

To the right of burjuman station on the red line is union intersection and deira city center.
This is where you buy gold.
At deira.
Check the gold prices before setting out.
The newspapers have it daily.
Human hair, caftans, name it.
Be on the lookout for supposed tour guides and agents.
They seek compensation or they pick your pockets.

Beyond deira is emirates airport and at the very of the line is rashidiya.
To go to IKEA uae, you stop at rashidiya, come down and take a cab for 15dhs.
Your purchases can be delivered to your hotel if they are too large to carry on the train.
There’s Dubai festival city close to the ikea mall and that’s where marks and Spencer is.

Other malls.
For matalan check lamcy mall near burjuman about a 5minute drive

Dubai outlet mall.
This is THE mall.
Keep your money for this mall.
It’s before dragon mall and I suggest you take a cab which sadly will set you back by about 200 dhs or more for a return trip.
If you love designer goods, you’ll find enough at discounted rate a.
Gucci, Pierre Cardin, Kenneth Cole, vb, sacoor brothers I can’t remember them all.
Totally saw an evil eye bracelet I should have bought but didn’t
Samsonite is there too.

Last but not least,
You need two days to visit dragon mall.
It’s easily the largest mall in wherever
Massive amounts of chinese goods and some are really nice.

I hope this post is worth it.
There’s a whole lot of information and I can’t provide it all but here’s somewhere to start.
Do have a happy holiday and let me know in the comments any extra things I should add if i know or you can add if you do.