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Beauty/cosmetic shops in calabar

Long overdue post for which I must apologise profusely.
Here are the cosmetic shops I know in calabar.

Pardon my descriptions.
I just want this to be as easy as possible for anyone without having to resort to calling/emailing.

1. Start from the market-
Two shops almost beside each other separated by one line.
Enter the market through the main car park and go in through a side line where they have ada shoes.
Ask for fab or sunny and you’ll get your essentials.
Basic stuff.
These two are my main gees!
Been buying from them from childhood.
Then there’s confidence who is inside the market.
I really don’t know how to describe his shop but I’ll likely just find the line number after this.

Strawberry at big qua shopping complex opposite the stadium
Skincare, makeup
She has pielor
Hamman scrub
Color me cosmetics line of products

On marian road,
There are a number of shops.
From one end to the other

Hanson skincare
Used to be with strawberry but has his own shop now.
Skincare, a few makeup products
Porselene products

Enumex cosmetics-
They used to be at watt market but they moved to the permanent site on marian road opposite total station.
It’s a big shop with perfumes and stuff like that.

La’estel beauty-
Sells mostly makeup-
Tara, BMpro, bh , etc
Inside krab almost adjacent to Enumex cosmetics.

Favourite supermarket
A few yards down from enumex is this supermarket with a few shelves of skincare and makeup.

Ritas Beauty-
Adiabo lane off marian road.
Opposite former naf club hotel which is right after fiesta fries.
So you can cross the road into atekong drive from fiesta fries and make a right turn at the former starcomms office and then another right on the second street.
Or come from mcc and it’s right before atekong drive.
Makeup services, spa and skincare

Supermarket with skincare and hair products
Olay especially.
They just love olay.
A good number of products are available at their new location at venetian mall on the highway.

Skinplus- me
Parliamentary road extension
Same building with nosam lab.
House of tara
Sleek skincare and makeup
Avon, french products
Hair products.

That’s all I know for now.
If you have any others,
Kindly add to this for me.

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Site alert – bootea weight loss detox

I was trolling as usual when i found bootea some few months ago.
I bookmarked it but never went back.
Started piling on some weight in the wrong places and I returned to my bookmarks to find an easy way out.
Enter – bootea
This site has tea based on natural supplements –
Oolong, peppermint, fenugreek, liquorice burdock, pysllium leaves
The thing is psyllium is a laxative so this tea will make you stool a bit.
However it is in the night tea so you don’t get jumping to the loo at work.
The day tea has some caffeine which is good for fat burning and energy.
For £15 they will ship to you in nigeria and worldwide
Pay with PayPal or your credit card.
To reduce shipping costs, it may be a worthwhile idea to pool orders together.

Buy here website link
I eventually didn’t end up using it because I already have ibs (irritable bowel) which essentially means that i eat some foods or certain situations trigger diarrhoea for me. Anything that increases bowel movements will fatigue me completely.
What have you tried as regards supplements for losing weight or keeping fit?
I personally swear by my green tea and hoodia caps.
If you want to buy some, let me know.

Love and shopping

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Eucerin Dermopurifier cleanser/face wash Review

Eucerin is a brand we know for catering to dry skin, atopic skin quite adequately.
They launched a new range of products and these include
An antiaging line
A range for acne prone skin
A range for babies.

I got a number of stuff from escentual- eucerin products to try out.
The main one was this I’m reviewing today.
The dermopurifier

Eucerin says–
Light foaming soap free
Remove excess sebum from skin
Gently removes dirt particles and makeup
Reduces bacterial growth
Provides noticeably unblemished skin without irritation
viaibly clearer complexion
Prepares skin for ensuing skin care regimen
Can be used to accompany medical therapy.

Sodium cocoamphoacetate – alpha tenoside
Propylene glycol – organic people don’t like this.
Sodium laureth sulfate – supposed to be soap free
Citric acid
Salicylic acid – anti acne agent
Sodium chloride- good old salt
This short ingredient list is a very good thing.

Instructions as per video on website
lathering your hands with warm water, apply then massage face,rinse, clean.

What I think-
The wash came nicely packaged in a plasic bottle with a tip cap that adequately contained the product while travelling
A bottle has 200mls of product
The cap is a bright green colour, rather nice for cheering up in the mornings.
I would have preferred a clear see through bottle though to enable one monitor the product quantity.

The formula is gel and thin.
It runs easily.
A very little quantity is required to lather up your full face and I found myself using water first unlike what I do with other washes.
I don’t follow instructions.
Each time I use a wash, it becomes a mask.
5minutes and then bath.
It is quite slippery.
There’s a tendency to get this in your nose and anywhere else.
I spread excess product on my chest and decolletage- key to avoiding breakouts there.

Skin feels amazing after you wash.
Not tight
Not stripped
Just right
It takes makeup up nicely too.
You could skip miscellar water before this.
It’s that good for taking makeup off.
So gentle and effective
there little left dirt after this

The downside though is that it didn’t control my breakouts.
With salicylic acid right at the bottom of the minimal ingredient list ( a plus if you ask)
It’s likely it has 0.5% which is perfect for sensitive skin and ensures your face isn’t dried out.
It however means that for a breakout always person like me, step 2 in your regime which is toner has to be fool proof.
They however state on their website that it is designed as part of a routine.
It is not an all in one.
I did run out of my holy grail salicylic pads while testing this and ended up with 3zits and two more after that.
I love this cleanser all the same.
It isn’t often you find something that takes all your makeup and grimy face off without stringing your skin along with it.
It’s a pampering luxury wash and I recommend it for oily skin that doesn’t really deal with lots of breakouts .
If you’ve got those nitty little zits this would be perfect for you.
For combination skin as well, I don’t think you’ll go wrong.
An unexpected use for this was adding my glycolic acid bath salts to a portion of it.
It formed the most amazing union in a bottle and I’m doing good things with the result

P.s you’ll really be tempted to use this as shower gel as well.
By all means indulge like I do.
It’s absolutely soothing and I didn’t expect less from Eucerin.
In all,
I rate this a 4.5 /5
Minus half mark because I broke out and because it needs a nicer bottle.
To pre order eucerin in Nigeria, send me an email or drop a comment below.


D and K Freight

Hi everyone,
People who read the sites that ship to Nigeria post keep asking for Damilola’s means.
I’m going to break it down here.
The means isn’t really anything illegal but it’s just that when a lot of people start using it, we end up at the rough end of the pond.
Paypal now allows us to buy with our cards on sites that accept.
This means that you can use your card on certain websites in the uk and usa.
So long as the site will allow you ship to a different address.
Some do and some don’t.
By paypal laws you shouldn’t buy through paypal and ship to a country different from where you registered.
So checkout with your card which is linked to paypal.

In the Uk,
You can ship to D and K frieght.
You will need to open an account with them.
This is done by sending an email of your intent to them.
They will reply you with the requirements.

For a personal account,
A scanned copy of your passport data page is required with the Letter stating what you want to do.
You will fill a form with your house address and other details.
They will then process it and send you your uk address.
You can thereafter ship to them and they will send to you wherever you are.
Delivery is to their lagos office.
You will arrange pick up of your goods.

If your goods weigh less than 10kg you pay 10,000 naira.
More than 10kg attracts a handling fee of £20 and you pay for the weight of your goods in addition to that as £3.40/kg
These rates are subject to change by the firm.
They will only keep your goods for one week. No more!

To arrange pick up of your luggage/excess goods whatever you want to send to Nigeria, they can come to your house or a designated location and do so for a fee.

I hope this answers all the questions anyone may have.
If you’re looking for an agent to move your stuff from the uk to Nigeria or you want to drop your purchases they’ll sort you out adequately.
Please don’t stress them for us oh.

Reach D and K by email here – customer care – Head

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Laughter Lines and eye cream

So I woke up one morning in the childrens emergency and discovered I had crows feet.
Also known as laughter lines.
I just grew old overnight.
I’ve been concentrating on acne and the eye cream I used had no retinol after I finished my tube of retinol I didn’t replenish.
So there I was.
I started using avon reversalist eye cream and the crows feet practically disappeared.
The lines however remained.
Then I ditched it when life got busy.
Only to wake up and see this.
They say it makes you look intelligent and likeable ( studies to prove this available) but I don’t like it.
So I’m going in on the eye creams.
I’ve got a couple of stuff coming in so expect a number of posts on eye potions.
I know these lines are difficult to treat once they appear but this is a challenge and I’m not going down without a fight.

what causes crows feet ?
1. Sun damage
2. Aging via loss of fat,collagen and elastin
3. Dehydration
4. Drastic weight loss
5. Environmental skin damage
6.Bad creams and potions
7. Burns and scarring

what can you do about crows feet/fine lines
1.Antioxidants- food and skin.
2. Vitamin E
3. Vitamin C
5. Elastin
6. Copper
7. Synthetic peptides
8. Plant stem cells
9. Hydration -drink water
10. Avoid harsh products arounds the eyes
11. Sunscreen -start before the lines come
Use creams and wear sunglasses outdoors

Before the avon anew eye cream which was my mum’s i was constantly using nip and Fab dark circle fix for my non existent dark circles. What was that? LOL.
I tried the bioderma eye contour gel which I got as a sample but puffiness is not really my problem save on those days when I do a lot of starch.
I reviewed that in the Bioderma diaries part 1.

I’ve used
a.olay lift and firm for 40+ (dont judge me please) that review up soon.

B. Ole henricksen truth collagen serum booster

Ole is the short orange baby

C. The caudalie polyphenol range eye cream is the current boo.

After these three, I’ll think of something with peptides and copper if they don’t give me desired results.
Then I’m using some spf foundation from oriflame(fusion foundation) and got myself some total uv blocking sunglasses. Why ? Sun is the main culprit and I admit despite repeated warnings from my brother , I didn’t do the eye protection as well as I should have.
We are on this!
I’ll let you know the results.
Watch this space.
It’s a challenge.

do you have laughter lines? Do they bother you? Any other lines elsewhere on your face? What are you doing about them or not and why? I’d love to hear about this from you.


Online makeup shops in nigeria

I am excited about the growth of online shops in Nigeria.
Each new outlet opening is like a dream come true.

In no particular order,these are shops that operate online retail

my makeup ng

invivo beauty – lagos only shipping

yanga beauty

accessories ng

beauty kink



beauty boon

sizelle store for hair products

girly essentials

I haven’t ordered from any of these sites because I have a pop up and I stock most of the things I use/need plus I keep trying new products so I’m not steady on staples save for my face. Check my staples here but most of them ship Countrywide.
Any other stores you know, you can add to the list.
When I remember or find some more, I’ll add them as well.
There are a whole number of people selling without virtual stores on instagram including us at skinplus skinpluscalabarso perhaps we will gather those too.

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New site alert – @pemberleyjones

Pemberly Jones of meow meow tweet is an online Apothecary stocking natural skincare solutions.
From the sublime sweet to the very essence of skincare made with love.
Handmade, handpoured sprays and creams
Facepolish and cleansers
Everything is natural.
There’s something cozy and alluring about small brands, all natural products and zero to minimal additives.

Check her instagram feed here

brands available

Meow meow tweet
Kahina giving beauty

Oh ye junkies wide and far acclaimed I know you’ll love me for this Info.
Get shopping babies.

If you’re in the market for a line of green products here’s somewhere to start with shipping at about 15dolllars to Nigeria.
I sure am glad I found them and will try out their natural insect repellant.

Oh my, the world is getting smaller, discovering more sites that ship to Nigeria.
Am I happy?

Image – pemjo feed

love and shopping and our new shopping page on instagram

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Bioderma Mini Reviews Part 1 – Bioderma Diaries

I’m going to be doing mini reviews of the samples I was sent along with my la roche posay effaclar duo from escentual.

I got about 20samples in all and I’m going through them bit by bit.
I didn’t give any away here because last time I tried to do a giveaway there was no response.
Most of my readers pop in and out..
I see you all.

Eye cream, micellar water, photoderm akn

So I got the miscellar water in
Sensitive and oily skin.
I’ve already reviewed the sebium/oily here
The sensitive I found is actually the best for my skin.
It smells nicer so is more tolerable and I enjoyed using it.
I got 10mls and for something you use on your face that’s generous enough to know if you like it or not.
Mind that I wash my face after using the cleanser to take makeup off but in the event you have no access to water this works perfectly without.

The sensitive skin eye contour gel- gel contour des yeux (toleridine patent) for decongesting and depuffing

was quite soothing and nice.
I used it in the mornings and it gave a brighter look to the eye area.
What I love most is the calmness it brought to my skin.

Photoderm AKN mat spf 30- sunscreen with oil control. – mattifying sunscreen fluid.

It gave me a glowy base to pressed powder and foundation when I used them and used without it went on whitish paste like but when spread out it didn’t give the pasty look to my face.
Unlike some spf that make you look ashen.
Best off is that it controlled oil for about 6hours.
Good enough in my view.
It didn’t block my pores.
I didn’t break out all the while using it.
It is a great product , oil control spf.

So there you have it.
2 miscellar water
1 eye cream
1spf mattifying cream
All amazing products.
I love Bioderma Range for sensitive skin.
It’s the sweetest thing ever!
Absolutely love it.
If you have atopic or easily irritated skin and you want that relieving comforting feel without using heavy products, try the bioderma sensibio range.
More reviews to come on other stuff from this line.

Oily skin that is acne prone will enjoy the sebium miscellar water
Oily sensitive acne prone skin is better off with the sensibio water

Until part 2 of the Bioderma Diaries, you can buy here
Pre order

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Site alert- Latest in beauty

Site alerts posts have been restricted to sites shipping to Nigeria prior to now but I do get a good number of visitors from the united kingdom and it’s worth their while including a few posts that could be helpful to them too.
If you saw my caudalie polyphenols post you would have also seen the link to this site or if you follow on instagram

So this site is one of those forward thinking businesses I love.
How often have you seen a cult beauty product that costs so much or is so raved about and you just want to try it?
Or you want a sample size to see if something will work for you?


If you’ve had issues like this or you are in need of a oneoff beauty box buy then this is what you will need in time to come.

latest in beauty offers sample sizes at the most awesome prices as well as some full sized products.
With frequent collaborations with known beauty companies and magazines, there’s never a shortfall of innovation and imagination in their product offering.
Brands on latest in beauty offering sample sized beauty products

L’occitane- a small immortelle cream is just £4
Dhc – anAsian brand that just crossed the pond,it’s all the rave now in the UK.
A Veda,estee Lauder, Inika,good things, eve lom, melvita, loreal, murad, Rico, Ren, pixi, opi, stila, trilogy,john Frieda, jurlique, Essie,
Balance me, espa, Ila, ginvera, cowshed, bulldog, nicklowe, bellapierre too.
Aromatherapy essentials

I can’t go through the entire list. It’s here brands

I was looking for sample sizes online when I found them.
It was delivered within the uk hassle free and I had payment made through CosmeticSquare Nigeria.

Now you have the details, you can hop over there and
get yourself a customised box
buy an existing box, from their collections
whatever is on just have fun.

I recommend the glamour beauty edit box which has


.illamasqua glamoure nude lipstick launching there first
.magnifibres brush on lashes
.rimmel instant tan bb skin perfect or
Dhc deep cleansing oil
Hawaiian tropic sunscreen
Strip wax set from strip boutique
Bourjois cream blush
Crabtree and Evelyn nail laquer in red
All for £16

Love and shopping