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nip and fab multi fix oil- review

I’m going to start with the bad news.
This product has been discontinued by nip and fab.
Right before it happened, I got four bottles.
It had received acclaimed reviews and everyone was using it to fix everything.

After I had used it I realised maybe one reason why it may have been pulled off the market.
One of two cons.

Let’s start with what nip and fab said about the oil.
All natural.
A multi purpose skin are oil that helps to improve the appearance of scars stretchmarks and unevrn skintone while nourishing and moisturizing the skin.
Biolipids repair dry skin and promote elasticity
Safflower oil softens and restores moisture
Borage oil conditions and reduces the appearance of stretchmark

The packaging-

Nice enough, practical enough
Nip and fab isn’t some company that does the fanciful on bottles.
It’s like a you want this, you get it almost medicinal look to things.
But the cap ? Spillage.
It just didn’t close tight enough or snap shut well or something else.
It poured everywhere and on everything

Then the smell?
Ah, raw eggs
I call it the eggie smell.
You had to literally bathe in perfume to keep that smell off.
Eventually I poured some EDP from bathandbody works into it..
Problem half solved.

The pros ?
This is a miracle oil.
It’s dry so it spreads well without a residue and without a greasy film.
Best used immediately after a bath because it’s a sealant.
Then it made my skin glow..
Like, glow!!

It worked on stretchmarks
It worked on acne.
Using this at night , I woke up to really clear happy skin..
Its just a wonderful product and I’m hoping nipfab decide to revamp it and put it back on our bathroom shelves.
When they do, I suggest you grab yourself a bottle.
This is a winner any day.
It does what it says and I wish I had some more to use.
My friends who bought two off me are also looking for it.
One is pregnant and she hasn’t had any stetchmarks so far as she’s gone.
I’m gifting her my left over golden liquid.
That makes three converts plus baby four.

This worked better than all the bottles of bio oil I’ve used.
In the time between when nipfab makes us another multifix oil, I’m using avon tissue oil and that review will be up soon.

My verdict ?
You know it’s 6/5 but we’ll take 1 score for the leaking cap.
That makes it 5/5

Check nipfab they ship to nigeria.

Love shoppin and red kisses!


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caudalie Divine oil -review

First smell of caudalie divine oil helped me understand why it is called divine.
I have no idea how caudalie came about divine but by the time I used it, one thing came to mind.
‘This is probably how it feels to be rich’
It is such a luxurious oil.

Caudalie is a french skincare company that thrives on the grape extract as it’s main ingredient in the products it offers

Grape oil as found in the divine oil has a high concentration of omega 6 and vitamin E to give nourishing and regenerating properties.
This dry oil has grape, hibiscus, sesame and argan oil.
What’s best? It also has polyphenoils and it’s all natural.

There’s no promise besides this statement made by caudalie about the divine oil.
This one product has attained cult beauty status and everyone in the industry raves about it.
Hence, I just had to try it and I’m full of accolades.

I got a 30ml sample bottle and I’m using it one drop per day.
Most especially for my thigh area and I also used it on my face, hair, everywhere
It’s helped with stretchmarks which I confess I don’t pay enough attention to and it smells absolutely divine..
I also noticed it faded a few spots on my hands.
Trying to imagine what the vinoperfect serum can do if the oil is this good.
I got the travel set for about £15 on escentual and I was sad the set didn’t have the beauty elixir which I’m certainly going to try out.

So far, so good.
If you want to try your hand at dry oil and if you can get this, I recommend strongly.
It also makes a good breakout free transition to the use of facial serums and facial oils.
I still can’t believe how much my face loved this oil.
I’m certainly buying this again, just to feel rich and some.


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venus facial scrub

Photo credit – price check

For a long time, my general trend was to buy some new skincare product whenever I was in a period of unstable breakouts.
By that I mean, new pimples that just weren’t responding to anything on my shelf.
Once in a while, one stumbles on a product that keeps the face looking humane for a while.
This scrub was one of those few products that I bought over and over again.

This was the first time I was using anything venus.
As someone who grew up in nigeria, venus= bleaching until proven otherwise.
I wonder if anyone holds the same sentiments as I did.
In 2012, they relaunched with a facial scrub, a cleanser and a toner.
Sometimes sold in a set but I bought this alone as is widely available so.

It cost me Nigerian Naira N800 cheap I would say.
Most scrubs this size come at about N1,200 and above.
First impression was how thick it was.
The little granules of apricot or walnut shell inside were so well immersed and everything was cohesive.

Watery scrub is no good unless its for body.
Then I don’t mind.
Getting scrub in your nose isn’t pleasant at all and for hitting the mark with consistency one point plus two given.
I used it almost daily as a facewash with a lot of water and then once a week as a facial scrub without going with the splash of water on the face first.
Face felt clean but not squeaky tight clean,just at a comfortable level.

It kept my skin clean, relatively free of breakouts and almost became like my cult favourite.
Yes, it doesn’t qualify as a cult beauty product in general terms but it almost did to me.
I really don’t know why I stopped buying this.
Maybe the dusty supermarket shelves or something.
So I went to repurchase it just for this review.
I found it not but good mother luck had me in lagos late January and I ran to ebeano (thanks chikey)
In all the time I used it, I never took a picture.
I wasn’t planning to share stuff like this with anyone then.

I bought all I used( about 4x) from favourite supermarket in calabar, on marian road.
They have a fair selection of skincare staples.
A lot of clean and clear products as well.
Outside of calabar, I’ve frequently seen it at shoprite and more recently at ebeano supermarket in lagos where I got it for about N700
It has green tea and some patented dermaclean essence which I think has to do with niacinamide.
Niacin has been found to aid help acne skin.
I first saw it in a Vichy product combined with salicylic acid.
There’s also soyabean oil in this.

Also seen it at garki stores in abuja.
Not sure if perfect trust abuja sells it but you can try.
It’s located along adetokunbo ademola wuse 2 somewhere beside white house that sells cards.
I’m using something else now from natio.
That review up soon.

If you have acne prone skin and you want to start out on something cheap that works,Try venus face scrub.
I doubt you’ll be disappointed if you can find it

My verdict is 5/5
Yes, it’s made in Nigeria.
Yes,It works!!


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sites that ship to Nigeria.

Here’s a list of some sites I know that ship to nigeria as a valentine gift to you all.

I already sharedbglowing
Shipping is $56

spacenk – cult beauty products.
High end beauty stuff.
Shipping is £15

asos – clothes
Free shipping

funky fly romwe-funky clothes
Free shipping

rings and tings.- Clothes and punk style jewellry
Free shipping

joshi natural skin care

coastal scents, drugstore makeup brand
Usps shipping $56

aliexpress for everything under the sun.
Mostly free shipping or a small sum.
Depends on the seller

amazon uk and amazon us both ship books and other selected items to nigeria.

There are some stores there like olympiastore that ship bodycare products.
For amazon us, they usually inform you while viewing a product if it will ship to your location.
Also, the shipping costs are usually much more than the item.
It’s something you have to really want I guess.

victorias secret
Shipping 33 dollars

nip and fab
Skin care

Check part two of this list out here link to part two

Please let’s be very nice to each other by being honest all the time whenever we make transactions online.
Do not withold payment if something you reported undelivered finally comes and you were refunded.
The world is opening up to us and I think we shouldn’t spoil a good thing.
If you know of any other sites, please share in your comments.

I could have kept this to myself because it took me time and data to discover these sites.
However when I go online and see how some of us don’t want to share info on how we got stuff I become more determined than ever to let you know.
Then you choose if you want that hassle of waiting for nipost and trusting people with your card details.
You are responsible for custom duties.
Please no troublemaking.
If you know any other sites, please drop a comment down there and share with us.

Love, shopping and red kisses



ambi skincare coming soon.

The first ambi skincare product I bought was the facial cleanser and I was sold with one week of use.
I was practically becoming yellow.
My skin was clear as ever.
I had to stop just because I don’t want to be a yellow girl.
LOL, yellow- lightskinned.

The ambi Even and Clear cleanser is water based, has glycolic acid , vitamin c , salicylic acid and vitamin E

it is a lovely product and after years of searching i am happy to announce in about a month, we will have both cleanser, creams in stock at skinplus.


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New clarisonic colour collection- buy from Nigeria

New for spring is a collection of clarisonic facial brushes available on

Fluorescent pink ,yellow plus a free gift of a purse and cleanser.
Prices from $150
You can make this purchase yourself and ship to nigeria via usps and nipost or buy and ship to a U.S address to be forwarded to you.

Send me an email if you are interested in using my
Personal account but you’ll pay your shipping and other rates.
I’m just being nice.

Love and shopping


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What's in my carry on


A cuticle trimmer.
Yellow, from Rita’s beauty
I find the sharpest and nicest colours there.
A girl has to have this on hand anytime.

Beauty treats jojoba oil lip care.
Used far less often than the carmex.
Carmex is my go to lip balm because it has salicylic acid.
It exfoliates lips nicely.
Available at skin calabar for 1200 Nair a.

Clindamycin gel for acne.
It’s a topical antibiotic for propioni acne and studies have shown that when combined with adapalene ( differin gel) it works twice as good.
Available at skin calabar.

Emery board
For keeping nails trim
Got this as part of a set from some online purchase.
It’s actually soft enough and portably cute.

Foundation sponge without any foundation nearby.
I’m actually barefaced most of the time.
Don’t know how this sponge got here.
It’s a sleek sponge from favourite supermarket in calabar.
The entire pack was N900.

Victoria’s secret hand cream with Shea butter.
lovely hand cream, not as good as my Vichy but it is doing the job fairly well.
It’s available on Konga although I bought this at Balogun market and I have three more up for sale at 1000naira.

The transparent case is from a bliss uk special edition limited to asos body wash and face polish.
Long finished those.

I have another purse for pens,BIrOS and little perfume tester cards I use for writing numbers.
And another for keys, bottle opener, otp token, some more pens, LoL.
Nothing flies around in my bag.
Everything has a pouch/case.

How do you organise your bag?
What’s in your carry on?
Have you tried a custom made bag organiser before?
Do you have any skin care essentials you tote around and why?
Would live to hear about it.


bespoke vacations valentine offer


Welcome to february
The month dedicated to that wonder that is love.
I know I got one post out on the 2nd without saying hello.
So I’m making up by sharing this amazing holiday offer with you all and put in a good word for my friends at bespoke.
I enjoyed their services and I’m sure you will too.
Its a trip to dubai for two, an awesome getaway.
Contact Bespoke on the numbers shown up there and have yourself a lovely valentine well within budget and the best dubai has to offer.

Besides this offer, you can contact them at any time to arrange a travel package for you.
They do Dubai, Kenya, south Africa
Continue reading “bespoke vacations valentine offer”

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Rimmel fix and perfect foundation primer review !


Forget what you heard.
This is urgent news.
This is the first time I’ve used a primer and by God, nip and fab shine fix for controlling oil secretion has nothing on this baby.

I have used this for 2 weeks and I can never regret stocking it ..
This primer does miracles and it should be the next PP cream.
P for primer, P for pimping skin
I’m just too excited about it.
it is practical and it controls oil amazingly.

I feel confident wearing foundation everyday since I found this primer because I don’t shine for more than 8hours, no joke. Most importantly no breakouts to cry about at night.

Rimmel says –
Unique advanced formula
Foundation glides on smoothly and lasts longer
Wears more evenly
Wear alone for an all day fresh and even complexion.
Smoothes to minimise pores
Resurfaces for an even complexion
Brightens skin all day
Mattifiesand eliminates shine
Protects skin from environmental aggressors.

I say-
Use this primer if you are up for serious business because it does more than it says and it lacks silicon which is about all you find in big name primers.
Silicon coats the surface of the dkin prevents it from breathing and blocking pores.
You look smooth and sweet but Breakout endlessly at the end.

Rimmel primer has none of those silicon issues.
It can be used alone, or under foundation or powder.

I used it alone for a week then added the matte powder to dust off after foundation and I went longer with a shine free face.
This is my discovery of the year and just I case I discover something else, it will still have a place in heart and shelf.

Just so you know, this product and the matte shine control powder from rimmel sold more than a lot of the top brands in its category out there.. end of 2013 reviews from top beat magazines.

My verdict ?
6/5 so you know this is real.