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Neutrogena body clear body wash review


I bought this body wash for someone who had acne several years ago.
Body acne which it cleared away significantly within a week or two.
Last year, I came across someone else who had body acne and the beginnings of keratosis piliaris.
I got this for her but somehow never found her to give it .
So i decided to use it.
As a body wash and a facial wash.
The deal is that if you are looking for some mild in feel but potent in action wash for your face,  this has 2% salicylic acid.
Its a good deal at 1800-2000 Nair a.
I bought for 1800 at ritas beauty solutions in calabar.
Its on adiabo street off Marian road.
Same street as pampered pink saloon.

It’s packaged in a very spill proof bottle with a whooping 250 ml of product.
This has been my best buy in a while.
It’s a very thick product and I’ve actually diluted it with some water and turned it into one of my travel pump bottles as a face wash.
It has a gel like consistency with little pink beads with natural grapefruit extract and vitamin c.

When something is good you don’t talk too much about it.
It speaks for itself.
If you have acne breakouts on your back or body, back most especially I’ve seen.
It can be quite unsightly for the cute dresses.
Here’s something you should try.
It’s proven and trusted and works without overdrying skin.

This is my last post for January.
It’s been a very productive month here.
I’m looking forward to sharing more discoveries with you.
Please drop a message or two.
I’d love to hear what you think, what you’ve used and ways to make your experience here better.
Thanks for all the love.

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Queen helene mint julep mask -review

I first saw this mask on cult of pretty a blog dedicated to cult beauty brands and innovative products.

It was amongst the things listed as drugstore brands which were all that.
So I kept a lookout for it.
I bought this from casabella at the palms lekki.
Anyone who loves hair products ,makeup and some skincare will know casabella.
I always have a casabella haul whenever I go to lagos or recently abuja.

This mask has been touted * not in wrong terms* as a magical product that removes the gunk from skin and reduces oil, breakouts, treats blackheads.
So I bought it.

Queen helene says
Absorbs excess oil, rinses away blackheads, minimises the appearance of pores.
They advise leaving on problems areas overnight if desired.

Water, kaolin, bentonite, glycerin , zinc oxide , propylene glycol, mentha viridis(spearmint) leaf oil , sulfur, methylparaben , phenoxyethanol, limolene,fragrance, parfum, chromium oxide greens.

Packed good with anti-acne zinc and sulphur .
Clay for cleansing.

I used it about 1x weekly for a period of time..
I only noticed it made my oily skin very dry.

It’s a dry product on it’s own so it didn’t give a glow.
Pores were less visible.
And it made a nice base to use a softening mask afterwards.
I used an elemis mask afterwards

The combined effect was nice.
However I didn’t see myself reaching out to use it ever so often.
I didn’t like the smell it’s sort of medicinal in looks and texture and I didn’t feel pampered using it.
I guess at the price I wasn’t expecting some luxury product.
It felt better putting it on skin with some water.
Like wash and then pat a little of the water off.

After staying on my shelf for about a year plus and I am finally saying goodbye to it.
It does everything it’s supposed to in my opinion except rinse away blackheads which was the main reason for which I bought it.
I’ve seen tube versions of this product everywhere and funny enough, I’m curious as to the formulation,maybe an improvement or some little difference.
You bet I’ll try it soon enough.

For someone who has oily oily oily skin which I don’t have, I guess this would be heaven sent.
One must note though that oily doesn’t mean be harsh.
I think it’s a bit too harsh.
However it is worth a try.
It has zinc and it has sulphur.
Using a moisturiser afterwards can be a nice way to combat the overdrying effect I experienced.
Because this product did 2/3 of what it claims, I score it a nice 4.0/5

Price- N800
Sourced – casabella stores at the palms lekki.
Tube version-Also available at
Strawberry shop calabar- big qua shopping complex opposite the stadium
La’estel Makeover calabar- the krab, Marian road

Score – 4/5


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Site alert – new site that ships to nigeria

I followed a vogue link and found this absolutely yummy skincare site skin care site that ships to nigeria.
They also ship orders over £50 free.
Otherwise £12
Not too bad for those times when you really want something.

Here’s what they stock

Bee yummy  cult favourite of Georgia jager
Soleil organique
The body deli
Butter london….
And some more georgous products.
Can’t wait to try their shipping and something new thereof.
If you are for organic skin care.
This is your lucky day.

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caudalie miscellar water


So i said I was going to review another type of miscellar water.
I got this caudalie water as part of a travel set.
I was going to do a giveaway with the set but after my first failed attempt at being generous i thought to help myself to it.

It’s a little bottle with a screw cap which goes on quite tightly, no spillage.
Then the packaging is just fresh.. looks like some organic type thing but seeings as it isn’t made in the usa where
You can get the certified organic badge I don’t know.
What’s sure is that unlike the bioderma water, theres no artificial ingredients.
No parbens, sls, nothing.

I think I like that the entire caudalie brand which is built on an extract from the bark of the grape tree is all natural.
Women in times past were said to use the bark to treat their skin.
This extract is said to be 83 times more potent than vitamin c in its skincare potentials.

I used this right after washing my face with a bar of plain soap and sometimes after the neutrogena cleanser.
It took dirt off nicely didn’t leave the thin filmy feeling I experienced with bioderma and my face felt refreshed.
It does have a tendency to run off cotton wool though.
I guess that’s the miscelles doing the tricky thing.

I haven’t had any Breakouts in a week since I started using this along with the moisturiser and caudalie divine oil.
Yes, I put moisturiser on my face with oil.
That’s a story for another day.

It doesn’t say anything about acne but I felt acne wise using this and I haven’t been proven wrong so far.

My take on this miscellar water is a 5/5
Natural works….
If you want something that’s going to do the job and be so nice and mild to you while smelling of some grape vine somewhere somewhere I’ve never been to one, this is your baby.

Loved it and will repurchase.
Will also be stocking this in my pop-up so it will be available for purchase.
A full sized bottle costs about N3,500

Have you tried any miscellar water?
I’d love to hear about it.
My next try will be an american drug store brand.


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juice beauty blemish be gone–Review


For those who love an all natural product, here’s juice beauty to your rescue.
I bought this online.

It came via nipost registered parcels.
I paid a good $56 for postage and it was a real hassle getting my order because I think that was the first time the site shipped to nigeria.
It was mad.
I had to send emails on facebook, make threats, tweet at them, send horrible emails, (yes ,horrible)it was crazy!

This site also stocks obagi skincare,yonka, carols daughter, all sorts .
Its like a luxury skincare shop for everything beauty and cult beauty under the sun except john masters organics (hehehe)

I never risked another order after that besides, the shipping cost is way too much for my humble means.
For anyone who really needs obagi, it will be worth it.
The stuff arrived some month plus later, neatly packaged and to much of my relief.
I had also ordered
-ahava skin starter kit
-some other product I can’t remember

I got two free samples of juice beauty cc cream. That was the first CC cream to be launched.
CC means complexion correcting cream.

Juice beauty is an all natural skincare company.
Everything they make is strictly free of parabens and additives.
All products are fresh.

The juice beauty blemish be gone roller is a skincare treatment for acne and spots.

I love it because of the wonderful formulation.
One must applaud the innovation and love that went into making this product.
Its not often you get everything good squeezed up into a little bottle with a convenient roller ball applicator.
The roller ball is genius if you ask me.

Juice beauty blemish be gone Ingredients –
It has vit C, co -enzyme q10 , pure willow bark extract (salicylic acid) ,lemon juice, aloe vera juice, sugarcane extract (glycolic acid) , dandelion leaf, vegetable proteins, lemon balm leaf, sage leaf, green tea extract, algae extract, vitamin E, B5 , A, lavendula and camphor oils.

It says – powerful organic fruit acid complex with salicylic acid from willow bark unclogs pores and reduces breakouts while lightening scars.

Aloe, Fat Soluble vitamin C renew the skin for a healthy clear complexion.
All natural, no additives, no parabens.

What do I think about it?
Its packed full but works slowly.
You need to be patient to see results.
Salicylic acid isn’t particularly the magic for my skin and that’s probably one reason why it took a while to see results.
Organic products also lose viability with time as they do not contain preservatives.
That one concern is probably why a month plus being shipped in unknown temperatures may have reduced the potency of the product.

If you want something to pamper your skin and soothe it while clearing the acne spots away and providing anti-aging benefits, this is your girl.

It provided some oil control for me when used under makeup so that’s one added advantage.
Juice beauty didn’t say it was a primer but it works just fine as so.
I think for someone with combination skin, a dab of this on the T-zone may be what you need.
I found this worked better at night .. I woke up with clearer skin.

What’s my score for this ?
4.5/5 ..
Worth the money.
Worth the time saved by the applicator and its convenience
Worth the pampering
Worth the product.

Have you jumped on the organic band wagon yet ? What products have you used?
How did it work us?
Would love to hear.

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LA_ESTEL Makeover


La’estel is having a birthday party at krab on Marian right now to celebrate her new branch located in the same place as party and her birthday.
I was there pretty early.
I had makeup for a wedding, went back and had drinks, barbecue, salad, whooooooo!
Its still on so you can stop over, chop enough and shop enough.
Happy birthday estel.

They used bmpro foundation, eyeshadows most tint,bm pro brow pencil.


My friends…some hot  doctors



That caption!

The cakes kept coming.

I had a lovely day.

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vichy nutriextra body cream review


I did a review of the hand cream for the nutri extra range last year.
I’m going to make bold to say vichy has healed my dry skin.
The site says it keep moisturised for two days.
I will give this cream a 10.5 of 10 anyday.

I bought this in the UAE while on holiday from aster pharmacy.
Outside of europe I think vichy is sold in pharmacies only.
Can’t possibly think why.
This is one brand I feel should be within the reach of everyone who has suffered dry skin woes.

I’ve used everything
From hyaluronic acid rich
To seaweed
To borage oil
To name it.
Nothing has worked as well as one glob of vichy nutriextra.

A colleague got two samples of the sensitive skin aquealia thermal and his latex rash allergies are history.

The cream comes in a tube.
A big tube.
As with the body milk and the other creams except vichy idealia, they all come in tubes.
There’s no spillage and you can actually tote this around in a handbag despite the 250mls size.

The cream is soothing and is even better than the hand cream which I tried before buying this.

Vichy promised-
1 application to last two days and it is that good and true to word.
it applies on smoothly, isn’t sticky and absorbs really fast.
I’ve been using this for 4months and I really can’t think of anything else I’d rather be using.
Whatever it takes to keep me vichy style, you bet I’ll be willing to do.

If you are looking for something to help your extra dry skin, this comes recommended as a winner.
Unfortunately vichy is only sold in pharmacies like boots and I got mine at aster pharmacy in the UAE.
My vacation was planned by bespoke vacations , they come highly recommended for a stress free holiday.
The first vichy I bought was via. escentuals the asos of skin care.
No shipping to Nigeria.
If you want this, send me an email.




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bioderma sebium water review

The all famous Bioderma is here!

If you haven’t heard about this brand of skincare products well hello!
Its french and who does skin better than the french ?
Their secret is out!
I’m trying to remember how I heard of Bioderma.
I think it was basically an online education thing.

Bioderma more or less pioneered the commercialisation of miscellar water.
All the other types of miscellar water out there came after bioderma.
The brand started with their products available on prescription only but became so wildly popular this beauty is sold in shops now.

Miscellar water simply means water with miscelles.
Essentially, little particles that are in the water and when you apply it on your face they break up and gather round dirt and makeup lifting them off your skin.

Its kind of a chemistry thing… attract, pick, remove.
With this, you can cleanse your face wherever you are without access to real water.
No soap needed as well.
Removes makeup,
No toner said to be required after use.
Recommended for very heavy makeup users as it is a light airy product which should encourage you to have healthy skin.
Soft on the eye area.
It has some derivatives of coconut oil which should make it perfect for oily skin as well because oil does better at pulling oil out.
The after feel is skin that is refreshed and clean without tightness.

I got the sebium water on esentuals during the summer when there was a third off sale on french Pharmacy products.

The packaging is green and comes in a clear plastic bottle that packs well and doesn’t spill.

Bioderma says—
Purify and cleanse your imperfection prone skin with the bioderma sebium water, a regulating , non rinse miscellar water cleanser.
Designed for those with combination to oily skin the soap free formula can be used on the face and other imperfection prone areas of the body.
It cleanses the skin deeply and improves the quality of sebum production with the patented fluidactiv complex
The non comedogenic cleanser removes impurities using miscelles which micro emulsify and remove impurities without drying.
Use twice daily.

My take–
I used it consistently over two weeks and the smell? Not so appealing to me.
I can’t quite place it,like some cross between mineral drinking water and witch hazel.
I used it after a face wash because it didn’t work quite well on its own alone.
Then I had to clean off with a towel after use because it left a filmy residue on that felt quite icky.
Also tried leaving it to air dry but that took some time and I didn’t enjoy the filmy feeling on my face in the time it took.
After doing all that,it dried to a clean finish.
Face felt clean.
Sometimes I had to finish up with a salicylic acid wipe.

Everything Bioderma says about the oil control is true.
The french sure do know how to pack a punch in a bottle.
If you have sensitive oily skin, this should be good for you as well as for someone with combination skin.
I think combination skin will enjoy this better.
Oil control for the shiny bits and moisture for the dry bits.

Despite all the good things I’ve said,
Just because I had to use another cleanser afterwards,I’ll recommend using a mild face wash and then moving on to this then a toner afterwards.
It worked perfectly when I washed pre – miscellar water use.
Maybe I just had very dirty skin…Maybe..
It can’t be my holy grail acne cleanser.

I will re purchase and go through all that stress of getting it down here just because it controls oil and it made my face glow amazingly plus no breakouts.
Very good for preventing breakouts not treating them.
I plan to try another type of bioderma sebium water and another brand as well to see if I’m truly going to buy into the bioderma hype to which I’m only partially sold right now.

Note– keyword is – not tightening, not twisting , not squeaking skin like blackboard and paper ..

Score 4/5
It did what it was sold to do but didn’t surpass my expectations.
We’ll eventually find out if its the best out there as Bioderma is said to still have the original formula for miscellar water.
I have half a bottle of 250mls of this left.
If you’d like to have it ,please drop me a note.

I’ve given the bioderma out so its no longer available and I received a sample of this same sebium water from escentual which I tried at again.
Now I must say that I used the water to take makeup off before using the bioderma gel cleanser and then switched it to gel wash then cleaner.
I didn’t experience
That filmy feeling on the face thing I complained about earlier.
I think this is the quality everyone raves about.
It took very bit of makeup off.
And i mean every bit of makeup.
After washing with the gel cleanser there was nothing left on my face. No dirt.

I also got the sample miscellar water for sensitive skin which I’ tried after this one and i loved it.
It was so much better than the one for oily skin.
I’m buying another and I’ll do a full review of it.
I used it for taking a full face of makeup off before washing and it was so kind to my skin.
It takes away that discomfort of having to see the gunk come off your sin while washing eek!

There’s so much to write about and with skin care, it never really stays static.