Calabar Sales! sales ! sales !

In something akin to the likes of the start up of the fusion shopping event, calabar venetian hall is home to a similar fair that started yesterday.

I visited but unfortunately didn’t take any pictures.
There was a fair number of businesses out there offering discounts.
I wish more people heard about this and took advantage of the opportunity.

Today is the last day people.
Its holding at the venetian arena on murtala muhammed highway.

Here’s what zaron calabar sent as a broadcast.

INDULGE yourself With ZARON Cosmetics & Beauty offers!!!

Its The Final Day for the the Biggest Business event of the year TODAY!!!!!!!


TIME: 9am Prompt

This Event is in collaboration with CBN EDC.
An opportunity for business owners to meet prospective clients and a platform to get all you need @ discounted price!!

Zaron will be offering Free makeup consultation, trial and also discounts an all purchases. There will also be an opportunity for you to be a registered distributor!
Be there!!!

For more Enquiries call:07037950735,07034874052.

We close late @ Zaron Stand, So don’t hesitate to come after work hours!

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Konga sale

Here’s a chance to score some real great skin care finds on
There will be some massive sale going on between November 29th to December 2nd on konga online retail site

I’ve gone scouring the site for stuff i,’d love to buy.


I hear there’s ruby woo for 2k Nair a.
I’m curating my list and will update this post with stuff I think is a great buy as soon as the sale starts.

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shopping on aliexpress/alibaba to Nigeria.

Its quite apparent I love online shopping.
I found about a year ago and its more organised sibling a while later.
These companies have made more business in the past year than amazon and ebay together.
Not surprising considering they have a fabulous business model.

I toyed around on the site for a long time before my love for a dupe of the sydney evan love ring pushed me to make an order.
That was handled on an earlier post.

I used a zenith buxz visa dollar card at first but have subsequently used a GTB mastercard linked to a current account.
Both cards worked fine when funded. (LOL)

The site has a policy and I find that makes the vendors extremely careful with their dealings.
They take their reviews seriously and are extremely helpful with any information you require.
Money paid for goods isn’t released to the seller until you confirm receipt of the items in a good condition.
In the event that there is a problem,like your order hasn’t arrived by the estimated time, you can open a dispute.

From the pictures, I ordered a samsung tab7.0 tab case in pink which got to me within a month as have all the other orders I’ve made.
It cost me N1500 compared to the whooping N4000 here in nigeria..

The white BB bold case came in this evening,cost about $8, and made the third successful order from aliexpress this year.

I can now safely say, everyone place your orders.
Be careful and try to keep a sharp eye out for fake things though. (LOL)
Examine the pictures under the product carefully before placing an order.
Look at the sellers reviews as well.

Wish you luck.


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How to get the clarisonic mia in Nigeria.

In writing this post I’m assuming you already know what the clarisonic Mia is about and desperately need one.
The mia is a smaller size of the opal and normal clarisonic.

Photo from

For newbies, its a facial robot.
That’s what they are sometimes called.
Like how we have electric toothbushes.
The clarisonic and others like it are designed to put more power into your cleansing routine.
Its a motor powered brush with detachable heads used for deep cleaning the face.
Multiple reviews abound of both its good and bad results.

I haven’t personally tried it but a beauty blogger posted a picture of it and a lot of ‘ how do I get it in nigeria questions followed’
I’m currently using the avon solutions power vibe cleanser which doesn’t use brush heads.

It is available on clarisonic website

However this site doesn’t ship to nigeria.

To get the clarisonic mia delivered to you in nigeria, this site. b-glowing ships to nigeria.
The mia costs about $125 on there.

Shipping options are available from $68 to $52 and one other option.
Delivery within 6-8 days it says …

Your parcel will be shipped by usps and will most likely arrive at your local post office but it takes a long time via usps about a month.
You’ll get a calling card to pick it up or they’ll deliver to you.

Option 2

You can also send me an email if you want DHL delivery from the US via my agent.

Option 3
or choose to buy from the UK from spacenk and have it delivered to my agent for forwarding to nigeria.
Or place a direct order through me.

Just found this site in nigeria that has the mia and i think the price is very fair. Very very fair. beauty boon


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River Island ships to Nigeria

A post about online businesses that ship to nigeria is way overdue but we can start here.

I noticed river island had started shipping to nigeria sometime last year.
I was web trawling and as usual checked on a few sites to see if their shipping policies towards nigeria had changed.

I found river island doing a free shipping promo and luckily I had some money.
Nigeria was available on the drop down so tada, I placed an order for a dress

and shimmer body lotion ( LOL, just had to add something for the skin yo)
Within a week, it was delivered.
I haven’t made another order since then unfortunately.
I think I’m less into the punk grunge and rock and roll thing.
However, they do have a great selection of work dresses when you take your time to do the looking.
Assessories are to die for.
Leather bags, lovely shoes.
The shoe party is worth it people.
Worth it!
The rihanna for river island limited edition pieces are out now on sale
entire rihanna for RI collection
This would be a nice time to try it out if you’ve had your eye on any of those pieces.

Sales are on almost all year so its a good place to save a few bucks.
Shipping is naturally £20 to nigeria.
There is no free shipping option.
Please don’t complain about that, we are lucky enough to be included in delivery countries.
My order was delivered by courier and I didn’t pay any customs charges on it.
I think the shipping fee takes care of some of those things when certain agents are used by the trading company.

All in all, its hurray to one more company that recognises the potential in Nigeria.

We love River Island for saying yes to us.


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Zaron Makeup shop Calabar.

Considering that I do a lot of window shopping and shop trolling,I’ve decided to bring news of my activities by posting pictures and information of the places I go to.
I recently visted two shops within calabar metropolis.
Lush boutique and zaron makeup store
I’ll bring the lush post later.
The zaron post today.

Zaron is a makeup brand that has been in nigeria since 2011.
The zaron shop in calabar already had one store at the events centre.
The store I visited was opened less than a week ago.
I loved the decor and the warmth.

It is a zaron franchise store.
That means distributors can register and get their supplies here.
I went with two friends.
We met these two beauties there,kind helpful and nice.



I’m going to be stopping over here for a quick makeover when next I have an event to go to.
They do bridal makeup as well.
I must say that I was quite impressed with the brows and the work I saw that had been done.
Thinking of cutting my brow grooming stretch to have that look
I met the owner of the shop and can you imagine I forgot to take a picture? She’s such a nice warm person.
Those brows gave me life…
Zaron products are available here for sale individually as well.
I’m not a very makeup(y) person but my visit has got me reconsidering that.
I tried the xxl lengthening mascara. Its as good as the models own mascara I’m currently using.
If you haven’t got some zaron on your style, you need to.
Expect another zaron post soon.

Zaron Product purchase
Distributorship for zaron products
Makeup classes
Wedding makeup for guests
Bridal makeup.
Pro makeup aristry.
Everything zaron available.
If you’ll be in calabar over the christmas holidays for the festivities, zaron shop is accessible and available for a quick makeup fix.

Contact- zaron shop
Address- 1st floor, Grace plaza, 94 ndidem sang ISO road /Marian road calabar.
Shp 2 – The events place, 12b atimbo road calabar.

Phone- 08023791622

‘Godliness with contentment is great gain’
1st Timothy6:6

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Smartshield Sunscreen Review.

Smartshield suncreen I heard about from beauty in lagosEz when she was sent a full volume sample to review and some other to give away.

I entered for the giveaway on instagram and won.
First time winning anything.
The gift came in a lovely tote bag and with 2samples.
It also had an educational flyer which I’ve dropped at my pop up site.

This should actually be a post to tell everyone why black people need sunscreen.
I don’t know how many years it will take to eradicate the myth that blacks don’t need sunscreen.
Sun damage is the most common cause of wrinkles, age spots and hyperpigmentation.
Black people burn too.
We’ll have a post on that with skin types and how likely they are to burn with sun exposure.

I personally don’t use regular enblock sunscreen religiously.
(Because I want to tan my legs and grow darker -LOL)
I try my best however to get moisturizers with in built spf factor from at least 6 since my skin doesn’t burn easily and I don’t get maximal exposure.
That means I can have about one hour in the sun without getting burnt.

I’m indoors most of the day anyways.
Korres is one such products.
There’s also a wide variety of similar stuff which I will address in a separate post.

So, I got this and what amazed me most was the texture of the sunscreen.
It is one of the best I’ve ever tried.
It comes a close second to garnier amber solaire.
So light, so moisturising.
Non sticky
Can be used under makeup.
The packaging is neat.
Crisp design and a good flip top cover which conserves time but you have to be careful because its so light in consistency it spills easily.

I will update this post after I’ve used it for a while longer.
The smell is almost medicinal though.
I guess adding fragrance would have made it lose its simplicity.
Someone I gave a sample to says she noticed sunburn on her feet had gone after 2days of use .
Maybe the vitamin C ?
I gave the full size to my mum who is lightskinned and she’s loving it a lot.

I however took about 20mls from it to try it out so I can give a more personal update to this review in a month.

Smart shield sunscreen ingredients
Serious sunprotection, broad spectrum which will protect against UVA and UVB.
Spf 30

Active ingredients-
Avobenzone 2%
Octinoxate 7.5%
Octsalate 1.4%
Padimate O 0.7%

Inactive ingredients-
Acrylates/c10-30 acrylate cross polymer, adipic acid/diethylene glycol , glycerin cross polymer, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, carbomer, C12-15 alkyl benzoate,
Decyl glucoside, diazolidnyl urea , disodium EDTA, hydroxyproply methylcellulose , methylparaben, propylene glycol, propylparaben, retinyl palmitate( VITAMIN A) , sodium ascorbyl phosphate (VITAMIN C ) , sorbitan phosphate , steareath-2 , steareth-21
Tocopherol acetate ( VITAMIN E) triethanolamine , water.

If you’re in the market for sunscreen that will work in our hot humid climate, I think you’ve got yourself a winner here.

If you however like all natural products this won’t be your thing.
It has parabens and propylene glycol.

Its marketed by dermbrand and available for sale on konga for about 2,300 or thereabouts,Kong a no doesn’t have this in stock.

Also on jumia for 3000 Nair a.
The skin you have in your twenties, you were born with.
The skin you’ll have in your thirties is what you have worked for.
The skin you’ll have in your fourties and above is what you most absolutely deserve.
It doesn’t just happen.
You have to work for it.
Wearing sunscreen daily will prevent wrinkles and signs of aging and dark patches.
Let’s promote a generation that will age gracefully.

I’d love to hear about sunscreen you’ve used and how it fared.
Drop a note.


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nip and fab glycolic pads review

I was so excited when I discovered glycolic acid which is naturally derived from sugar cane.
I couldn’t just wait to try out its glowing benefits.
If you want to get that glow,for acne care, and as a skin prep for lightening agents.
(Ssh, I don’t support bleaching although when there’s hyperpigmentation we are justified to dole the bleaching agents out)

Nip and Fab is a lower priced range from the makers of Rodial.( Remember kim kardashian and the dragons blood facial mask,that was Rodial)
It is a british brand.

This is what nip and fab says about their glycolic pads-
Image courtesy – asos

Exfoliating facial pads to improve skin tone
Glycolic acid to resurface skin
Hyaluronic acid to moisturise and refresh
Blue daisy to soothe and calm.

So, imagine my excitement on finding these glycolic pads on asos!
I ordered one instantly and instagramed the picture when it came.

It came in a 200ml container with a screw cap.
The packaging was typical nip and fab, professional looking but the grey colour is a bit boring.
I think the colours code for various products.
It isn’t exactly a colour that inspires happiness in the mornings.

Most facial pads come with screw caps because sometimes you have the pads marinating in the solution / preparation.
There wasn’t any extra glycolic solution in here and I think that reduced the messiness sometimes associated with such products.
The pads are soft double faced and they didn’t have any exfoliative surface.
I think that would have increased the staying power of this on my list of must-haves.
On the good side, it would be totally amazing for someone with dry and sensitive skin

So I opened them after my washing my face and boy, the disappointment.
I looked at it and went crestfallen.
It didn’t significantly wipe off extra dirt.

Pre use on unwashed face today.


It did a fairly good job for a face that was unwashed.
I didn’t wear any powder or foundation today as is most often customary with me.


When I first used it,
I was like oh no!
What is this ?
I tried day in and out to love these pads.
Then I had to give them out.
However on getting back to try them I realised something was probably wrong.
It wasn’t for my skin type.
The fact that it had all that hyaluronic acid just gave it away.
Oily skin needs moisture but these pads are THE moisture, calm boost dry sensitive acne prone skin will enjoy.

I have to be honest.
After 2weeks of using these pads day and night, I was breaking out more than usual.
I didn’t see my skin glow as expected with glycolic acid .
I wasn’t feeling my skin as clean as should have.
I often had to finish up with another brand that did the job.
Considering the pads have gone through two people in my house and is still unfinished, I may be safe to say it felt the same to them as well.

I would rate this product a 2.8 of 5.
I won’t be buying it again but if I find it as a frebbie, I’ll keep it for those days when I’ve used a mask and I just want some gentle calming.
This can’t be my go -to or holy grail cleansing pad.

If you have found any pads with glycolic acid, let us hear about it and your experiences.

There will be a review about avon glycolic /salicylic pads in a subsequent post.