Look fantastic.com review

So I’m looking into online purchases and trying out sites..will do a review of those but lets start with lookfantastic
I’m not one to whine but this is from an experience this month.
They charged my card twice and not for the amount of goods I wanted to buy.
Subsequently my order didn’t go through.
They were quick to send an email that they had problems with my card.
After contacting my bank I realised they had taken money twice.
I sent emails to them three times and to date,four days later, there is no reply.
This goes without saying that you should take online reviews a bit seriously.I don’t know if people lie for no just cause

Before I tried my purchase I found several sites filled with complaints about look fantastic.
I don’t know why they haven’t upgraded or sorted out the problems they are having with customers.

1 week later – Update….
This is the reply to why my card was charged unduly

One of our customer services advisors has reviewed your query and we are able to confirm the following:

Hello Osamagbe,

Thank you for getting in touch regarding the payment problem on your order.

You can resolve this problem by logging into your account and following the prompts within your order details.

If you are still experiencing problems please do call us on 0844 249 5022 and we’ll be happy to resolve the problem for you.

Once payment has been taken your order will be despatched for you.

I hope this helps, but if there’s anything else we can do please don’t hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.

Kind regards,


lookfantastic Customer Service Team

Suffice it to say I have cancelled the order and I’m waiting for a refund as her reply didn’t address the issues I raised which were undue card charges.

The money has been refunded.I had to contact my bank and have a confirmation of their debit sent to look fantastic. Took three weeks.
All in all, I’m wondering if I’ll ever attempt a purchase there again.
Fingers crossed.

5 Months later, I placed an order which got to me in two weeks.
No hassle, no stress, no funny debits.
It was for a dermatologica bath soap dish.
Small,inexpensive and I wouldn’t have hurt so much if it’d gone missing.
Will try again, lets see if we can build this confidence.

Fast forward to 2014
Despite my previous reservations,I decided to try another order.

I’ve gotten orders from lookfantatic in days to nigeria.
They also have elle uk magazine and I’ve just preordered my second copy which has shipped.
I think their service has improved a great deal and i particularly like the free shipping policy.
I’ve only done small orders just In case something goes wrong.

A lot of people use look fantastic particularly because they ship to a lot of countries worldwide and they have a great selection of products.
Sincerely I hope the story and reports continue to be good all the way through from here on.
They do have a good number of products that every beauty junkie would be excited to have.

I have kept updating this post because I wanted a true ongoing reflection of what kind of service was being offered on the site.
When shopping online the customer is initially the loser until the goods are received.
Anything can go wrong and it’s usually heartbreaking when you don’t receive the assistance you require.
So long as 2014 is concerned I had one elle magazine episode which I blogged about.
My only conclusion is that sometimes it is difficult for the customer reps to decipher what exactly a customer wants.
Example- I had to post pictures of my elle to them before they understood all I had been saying.
The Elle magazine was replaced but unfortunately came in the same state as the previous one.
I have just pre-ordered elle for september after giving up for two months and I’m waiting to see what it looks like this time.

Despite all this,it’s a wonderful site with a lot of discount codes, sales,offers and freebies.
You hardly get to make a purchase without feeling like a winner.
I recently got a free macadamia oil kit for spending £40.
Subscribe to their newsletter for freebies and all what not.
Choose carefully.
I noticed they have stopped card preauthorisation which was the intial problem I had with them.
They offer shipping to a lot of countries.

That’s the journey so far.