Avon super shock mascara …. I got this on my first Avon order. No one seemed interested in it. I was using clinique lash doubling mascara at the time but it stung my eyes so much. Seeing I also have atopy, not funny. So I decided to use this mascara and its wonderful. Doesn't clump. Goes on easily. Although I have to angle the brush a bit since I have curved short lashes. The definition is great. Comes off easily at the end of the day,without a sting. I recommend.



Avon in calabar

i am pleased to announce that ive joined the avon family. This means you can get avon products from me
I will also be having a few giveaways. :: dont we love to share? so if you are in calabar’uyo and environs… get in touch
.Email is in the contact details section of the blog. feel free to leave enquiries.