little frustrations

this isnt my usual blog for venting and stuff but hey,we all let loose once in a while

i shall be brief and straight to the point

if only the following sites would work

1.fztvseries-shortly after i found this gem,the site shut down.i need somewhere to download free series.-gossip girl in particular

2.www.zenithbank.com—-for anything to work here,i have to send an email to ebankingservices.how sad is it that this is the bank i had professed love for a while ago on twitter?

thats all for now.


im a year older

3rd April
Several years ago

My mother laboured
And with the aid of a pair of forceps
I was brought to life
Black not dark
With cherub cheeks
A charming smile
A sweet quiet baby
Who has grown up to be me
Through illhealth
Through exams
Wet diapers
Baby feeding times
I am whom I am
Because of my mother
Today on my birthday
I celebrate her
She has been a rock
A pillar and a post
My father
Warm arms
A healthy smile
A welcoming ear
A kind heart
He is one in a million
Never judgemental
Always caring
Passing the truth across
My brothers
Who let me be me
Let me spoil myself
While I spoilt them too
Who have always been there
Cried through my dark moments
Celebrated and fooled around together
Today I say I love my family
They are the best anyone could ever wish for
And I say happy birthday to me
A huge Well done to them